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Yeah. And he go, well he'd say we're a little crowded tonight. Maybe later, and I stand out here freezing. And then in the wintertime had a pretzel cart. So. I tied the principal card up, and I wait. And by then paulie, knew me a go on go ahead go in. And so, you know, I'd go in there. So after about Shelvin eight more years. Well, I made it as a actor. Right. So I didn't have to wait lie. No more, you know, or time my car up, shall I go in there one night. And I said I want that table right there by the window polish. No problem puts me in there. I'm sitting in there by myself, just looking for something, I guess and. I'm there about forty five minutes, you know, have this Upton and. Polly comes over to many goes, Nikki Mickey the the Saudi prince of so and so once your table, would you mind moving to I said, listen, you tell the Saudi prince go fuck em, there ain't no fucking way. He's getting his table. After me waiting ten years to sit here. Yeah. Paulie? Mickey why do you gotta be like that? I go kart, Mike. I forty two blocks every night. That's awesome. To push the good humor cart. The good. You mccart that was next to the oh, the building was next at hells angel clubhouse in New York City. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And he used to push all the way up to central park right in front of the Mayflower Hotel and said some damn won't be in there. And he won the beginning the penthouse apartment there though, shit ball. Yeah. Doc, gut real strong for pushing that cart from third street to street. Yeah. Third straight fifty. What was the fifty ninth street or if you're sixty? But his cart was half empty to. Tell me got the all the Hells Angels, take the. Take care you. They make fun of. Although I is this whole ice cream 'cause world kind of like court short. You know, we had inspection at the life. Stand up at attention and our white uniform. I used to throw mine up the hat and sit but might take up on fair jeans, and I wouldn't wear the uniform uniform show, I never made good you remanded the month or whatever. Have you picked your on wall? That's so awesome. Were you were you go into the actors studio yet at that point? Yeah. You were. Yeah. Day and night, helium Kazan, man. Yeah. Fest auditions ever seen. Really? Yeah. That's right. How did he live to be? I think Ilya was in his eighties put sharp attack. What he wasn't. He he got caught up in the McCartney area back. Then did. Yeah. And I heard the name of so many pitches about him in McCartney everything that I think he got blackballed from Holly gave up some names. Oh. But they put a lot of people do a lot of actors directors. It suffered there in that studio communist hunt. Yeah. Yeah. That's crazy, man. And we had a friend years ago called Jimmy Hayden that. Was doing a play with Alba chino ninety one. The be played a what was the maker junkie anyway. Right. Anyone the dying from an overdose? But we will pull me Mickey and L Pacino, and I'll Pacino. Yeah. He was doing play with them so back then that was was like nineteen eighty or something. Can be go away. Yeah. Right. We looked around. That was the first time. I saw you was if you remember at the Albany up there. John Baptist was the the main event and Hells Angels was the heavyweight he was a main event Kevin Rooney was a co main event and under on the cloud was Mike Tyson making his debut. Wow. So cold eighteen eighteen. My we saw this couch says holy shit like fuck. Ten seconds. Yeah. But we we saw him. That's the first time. We I I saw him. But we came befriends later that after that. 'cause we would just staying John Ford. Kevin fort, and yes, and Mike was making his debut. That's nineteen eighty-five..

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