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Stewart a lawyer from Irvine, says he's been litigating the district for years and found approximately eight people in the district have abused dozens of students while he says the people in, charge let it, happen an administration that basically said you're sexually texting students just stopped doing. It you're approaching students and asking them to have sex stopped doing Redlands unified says it's working on its procedures to ensure student. Safety. Corbin Carson KFI news police have released a cell phone, video showing a man touching himself outside a playground in, Glendale and they're hoping that this is going to lead to the guy being Indeed it. Looks like the video happened on August seventeenth near. The splash pad at, Pacific park on Pacific, avenue about two forty five in the afternoon and in the video you can see the guy holding. The phone, in one hand and touching himself repeatedly with the, other police described the guy as thirty to. Forty years old but if he can this morning please take a look at it KFI AM six forty dot com keyword wakeup call to see. If you know this man weird story coming out in San. Francisco a headless body was, found at a house inside a large fish tank sixty five year old man who lived in the home was reported missing three weeks ago a neighbor, who was getting, worried says he got suspicious when two strangers answered the door then he. Called police when he saw private crime scene cleanup crew outside two men have been arrested when we come back we'll talk with. ABC's. Karen Travers and see if Kim Jong UN really does, want to give up his nukes or not right now, it's traffic.

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