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Yeah he has a new film called manhunt which is debuting on netflix this this friday and i saw tiff last year and it's all right it's not it's definitely not one of his best films i mean if you like john woo it's a fun film to watch because it has a lot of his his trademarks with the slow motion the doves and all that stuff but it's definitely wouldn't be my first recommendation for someone to watch john woo film right yeah that would definitely be the killer for me so go check that out if you haven't seen it let's move on to our next story and that is movie past we've been talking a lot about movie pass really for months on end it seems like and one of the recent conversations we had was about how the subscription service company has basically well hd why don't you just rent through for us so few weeks ago maybe pass there were reports that movie pass was rolling out its popular one movie a day monthly plan because it was offering a new promotional plan which was a three month plan for about twenty nine ninety five and it would only allow subscribers to see four movies a month although they would get a complimentary fee child iheartradio's all access on demand shooting package all those iheart radio fans so this stirred up quite a bit of controversy because a lot of the reasons that people signed up from the past because of this possibly rate deal of one with the a day for ninety five a month and.

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