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Yeah man i would definitely stop drinking work coffee biko easily invest in a french press lil get it somewhere now lake number we don't want to pay for it every day but set up a camera of what you have the ear i went on the code all the time i would definitely spend three dollars inaugurate p i would just been the like 15 bucks than of french no it worth goon break the coffee pot garden and just just haven't been never had gone vehicle they don't get them to get a keurigs eat it's hurt maternity and i'll unless he felt it up with pean said a water but it's more yelling that contain arena company and made our igf water holder things companies may not want to pay for a curic erikas phoned wanted to get involved and russia i dunno i feel like he was just conveying wh whether or not it has like he would go pean and all the time i mean unless you had the guy i mean sam you're ready to catching you gotta get a camera if you're going to guys madison but you're also not gonna be able to cut you catch some bringing the coffee pot inandout but you don't know that he's being in it is this might be a clue and you could get in trouble for planning a camera without someone's consent i think what is that one word again with you get a few coq coworkers and you all decide that you're gonna watch this pot ray the ones that you trust shift so or women get ghetto get female coworkers 'cause you clearly think this is a male bag you all sharaad at the pot in when you noticed someone pick it up and take it you follow him northwood has done or her we don't were not described as what he's been trying to do he said now why hasn't caught him he says he doesn't it don't know within was there prison link will is there no one that sits near the coffee.

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