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Had been knocked off the grid the power loss potentially jeopardizing the cooling of nuclear materials stored there Stay with WTO P for more on these stories in the minutes ahead That's out any morning march 12th welcome to the weekend everybody Glad you're spending your early morning with us Three 18 on WTO two And good morning D and Crawford in the WTO traffic center 90% on the BW Parkway it's not dino We've got serious issues now with our crash in Maryland so we will start there inside the beltway northbound on the Baltimore Washington park We all traffic at a stop before you get to route four ten for the crash and launch of response on scene If you're in the backup you may be there for the duration If you haven't reached it yet your last chance to jump off will be at four 50 to try and work your way around I think you work your way up to four ten and then back on four ten toward the Parkway and then once you're back on the park where you should be beyond the frame Now the new crash being talked about the color tells us about on the inner loop says steer Georgia avenue no my market 31.1 which would be near Georgia avenue With the left leg blocked by a crash and response should be making its way there right now last report there wasn't any inner loop near Georgia avenue On the rest of the Maryland roadways we should be fairly okay district traveled whatever was ain't no more on the key bridge And on D.C. two 95 still waiting for some sort of guidance on I two 95 northbound after the beltway heading toward oxen oxen cove and across toward blue planes had a report of a vehicle fire there In Virginia on 66 westbound above the beltway a single right lane getting by the work and then west bounders on 66 diverted at exit 57 B for route 50 and follow the temporary side of Egypt to west ox road and then back down to 60 eastbound back to 66 west to get around the work Eastbound 66 after netly street a right lane gets by the work This traffic report sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking is better at birkin Herbert bank at your service since 1852 He and Crawford traffic reigned to snow through the morning hours in the snow is going to be heavy at times through the morning and early afternoon Anywhere between two to four inches in the district itself higher amounts though on the roads north.

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