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Give out to get people to go like. Meadowlands over there. Now, I think he wanted some personal bet connection. He wants to bet somebody about whatever the Mets are going to be. That's all fine to do it somewhere else. Hey Yankee in men record sil-, gladly take that Email. I go back and listen. How little amount of friends? Does he have that? He has to put that out on the radio. These are all valid inquiries. Charlie charlie. What's up? I just want to say that this has another damage done situation written all over it. I can't like I can picture in late August early September when the Mexican eliminated from playoff contention by any of the divisional opponents them tweeting out. Did we get you? I just heard something I enjoy competence as well. Like the sauce shaker last year. Right. We saw shaker, but I wanted to break my social guy and try to patent it against monetize it. There's a difference between competent and insanity. Like the Mets. Twenty ninth in batting average last year. Okay. You get to know great. If an upgrade, and then you trade for kion Brockton JD Davis who you're saying that you're going to give a shot, but those two guys that you just acquired combined hit thirty something combined. Insanity. Now, they go Wilson almost to Edward D as I mean, listen they made good moves Lowry that they made they made good moves. But I'd almost rather just go into the season and say, listen, we feel great about the guys. We we have in our roster. We feel really excited about being about being a contender this year. I would even be okay with him saying that we feel like with this roster. We can be a contender. You don't have to tell the Phillies in the Braves. Hey, come and get us favorites in the division said that. Yeah. Like, you're going to be like smelling are farts later. I mean, Kat, it's if you didn't have to say it that way. I I agree. But really didn't say. This is why I'm not the general manager of the New York Mets. We go at Charleston, right? With wealth and Ramat. You mean to tell me that a guy who had injury policies whole year? It's coming to the New York Mets who have had a litany of injuries. I know it's all about luck. But it has injury written all over it. Like, something is probably going to happen. Got a new. Kindergarten has had and mouth disease or whenever it was. Yeah. That was unfortunate. You're saying a catcher injury prone is going to be healthy. And there's an upgrade agrees and upgrade. But it's not proven that. He's going to stay healthy the whole entire year. And we're back to Travis L. Actually, think Dorner d'arno Mike at traded. I don't know. Maybe there's still a move to be made. But these are all the ifs. And you know, the funny thing about Brody when he said I want him trying to remove all the ifs seemed to have clouded around the Mets for the last couple of years while I loved when he said that it's actually unrealistic every team has if the Yankees have this this year if Troy Lewinsky's heels can hold up. I mean every team has if you're never going to a race all of them in the Mets have I would say the same amount that they always have going into the season. Syndergaard stay healthy the rest of the team stay healthy. And are they gonna hit the problem? I think for the Mets in the past which I think has changed a little bit with the moves this off season is that they were too reliant upon this. Going the right way. And I don't think the quite as much this year in that bind there, then he talked about the team and the B team. Right. And making sure that the B team is is. Competent. So that when somebody does go down you don't have this massive hole in your lineup somewhere dip in the infield. Right because they can bring McNeil back in. So I do like the moves that he's made is that's a big f is mcneal that a hit like he did last year when he called on the optics, David Jersey City, what's up, Dave? Are we doing everyone longtime Mets fan, and I'll tell you one of the reasons why I'm not happy with what Brody set it. It goes back to for me. First off. I'm not that sold on the canot trade for one reason, I sit here and wonder why did the Mariners want and our shuttled for Jay, Bruce and swore Zach when nobody else seemed to one of them. Nobody wanted sign Jay, Bruce when we re them. Well, they had to take him back with the contract the balanced. I understand that. And on paper. It looks like we are improved. But I've seen it time and time again since I was old enough to understand baseball team seems tabby ish mystery of getting players like Jeremy for knits comes to mind. He was like thirty one hundred with the pirates comes over puts on a uniform and couldn't hit the ball out of the infield. I just I'd rather get. Scar tissue. There really is. And you gotta rip apart rip the scar tissue out of the way. Because you can't keep going back to that old argument. They become Mets. They suck instance. Everybody's different. And it doesn't happen. All the time. When might be came to the Mets did he all of a sudden become a Kwami player? They did he become a thirty. No. He was still a dominant player. I think you have to look at Robinson Cano. Look at what he's done and base it on that. Yeah. It's happened. A couple of times Carlos by air gun with two Roberto Almar happened doesn't mean it's going to happen again. Can I update our poll, please after Brody van wagons? Come get us common yesterday. How Mets fans feeling sixty six percent of you say his act is wearing thin. I mean, how long has he had the job can act where Finn at this point. Jeff for a couple of weeks a couple of months where did he get hired Novem sacked in terms of just the chatter men, some of the responses to this too? I cannot read on the air. What you can on Instagram live, which really will do during the break. One thirty five seven three three seven sixty six sixty six nets one in Houston down last night. It probably their best win in the last five years. But the question is, you know with their off-season coming up and they're going to the playoffs if the season ended right now. Is it actually worth it to try to do something sooner rather than later? We'll get to that in just a few minutes. Now, you've probably already heard me.

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