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Midnight zoo who's going to be behind and come with a big late run again just as her her big leggy sire did this is one of the serious threats in the field we've already mentioned midnight lutes big oaks trail season at midnight the sue is right at the head of that class with their only defeats being apparent noses behind the very good dream tree to start a career since then nobody on the west coast is even been in her league she's like you said powerful closer not afraid to go wide and i think being far enough from the rail to keep around at troubles definitely going to work for a benefit the oaks my miss lily the gazelle winner could be the second oaks winner for perennial leading sire tap it of course had oaks winner distaff winner and champion untapped bowl a few years back also head twenty fifteen oaks runner up shook up so very good oaks class from tapping play the like with this one the thing that holds me back though on my missiles is i'm not sure how good the newark platoon was this year she was part of that blanket finishing the gazelle stakes where the other runners opted to look elsewhere and i don't love to see that petrova margarita a texas brad we have a very diverse field here she's a half to millionaire texas chrome another one that we really can't glean a ton from in terms of pedigree she's by texas special rate and this is first graded stakes winner and just one of four stakes winners overall from ten crops of racing age fortunately as you said her damn margarita miss is good at getting the most out of texas breads led by as you said multiple grade three winner texas chrome paterno margaritas been fourth or better in to start sacira after winning the grey to poke lahana's last year but her closest margin of defeat is seven and a quarter furlongs this season she'd need to show a ton more to even scratch the next level against this field.

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