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The Georgia murder trial of three white men accused in the killing of ahmaud Arbery Arbery who was black was shot to death last year while he was running down a residential street outside the city of Brunswick The case has drawn attention from racial justice advocates who have maintained a presence at the Glen county courthouse since the trial began a little over a month ago NPR's Debbie Elliott joins us now from Brunswick high Deby Hi there are To start with what's actually in front of this jury walk us through the charges and the defense's response Well Travis mcmichael his father Greg and a neighbor William roddy Bryan are charged with murder aggravated assault and faults imprisonment for chasing him on Arbery and pickup trucks and then killing him But Michael say they were trying to make a citizen's arrest when they went in armed pursuit after Greg mcmichael saw Arbery running down their street They say they thought he might be responsible for neighborhood break ins Brian joined in that chase and then recorded the killing on his cell phone Travis mcmichael the one who killed artery with his shotgun at close range he's claiming self defense because ahmaud Arbery fought back So the jury started its deliberations just before noon local time today after they heard final closing rebuttal from the prosecution what was the state's final message for the jurors Prosecutor Linda donakowski sort of ran down all of the choices that the defendants made leading up to this tragic outcome She talked about how these strangers chose to go after ahmaud Arbery even though they had no knowledge that he'd done anything wrong other than being a black man running down the street She said he had no weapon but they chose to arm themselves They chose to run down a pedestrian with a truck She urged the jury to reject Travis and Michael's argument of self defense given that he's the one who drew the shotgun You can't find self.

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