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But you see what i'm getting at vampires aren't a new idea they've been around since latvian paler earned the vampire right but stephen king imagined what if i put the king of vampires in a small town in may salems lie and then of course it came up with his own characters the conflict the structure that's what you need to learn to do if you want to be a writer i do more than anything more than being mr cerberus is assistant can't i be both we'll ask your news satan proof we g board what it thinks great uncle jack and maybe when we're at the mall we can eat chocolate frosties lenny's in the food court franklin we're buddies not even your mom and dad would be honest with you about like my stories and your weight oh i know i'm husky it's nothing to be ashamed of i used to be husky to fit your so skinny now i am thanks to peaches and cottage cheese but i used to be what is referred to clinically as morbidly obese till i was twenty two and a half after years of therapy i have a fairly good idea why eight is much as i did when i did and i think i'm not sure but i think it might be the same reason you eat so much i have no willpower let's make a deal while i'm here for as long as i'm here if you eat a little bit less every day and we go for a long walk every day i'll buy you something comic book video action figure whatever you want mom says you don't have any money since he stopped working residuals franklin learned that word it is among the greatest in the english language you don't have to buy me anything jack just help me with my stories deal will start our regimen today we won't walk to the bus stop.

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