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I WanNa take you through if I can now as I've been tried to do every day. The Audit County by county audit of how the virus is spreading in the state. Right now there are one thousand. Three hundred eighty seven cases four hundred thirty eight hospitalizations in forty seven deaths in the state. The mortality rate than is three point four percent which is hovering around the global average right now of known cases and again Doctor Fallacy from the National Institutes of Health and others believed that the actual mortality rate is probably one percent not three percent. Because do believe that more people are getting it and I know there are people. I've actually encountered an angry guy this morning on facebook of all things. Well how do they know how? How do they know it's not the same flu like the flu? How do they know it's not a tenth of percent? Why are they one percent will? They're the experts but now this guy doesn't trust the experts because he doesn't trust anybody except Internet memes from his friends And I get that and I know there are a lot of people out there who you've got Dr Vouchers Eight. Hey It's actually not as bad as the global average but it's worse than the flu. So how are they getting that? Well one of the ways. They're getting it from several. As one of the ways is they're taking all the people who have flu like symptoms but don't have the flu. They tested negative for the flu. But they have all the flu like symptoms and they're tracking those people as well and how those people are dying and that's one of the reasons that they believe. It's one percent the presumption right now. Is that if you are testing? Negative for the flu and you have the flu like symptoms. You probably have this And so they're putting that in in in other sampling in there to to get a better picture in it still about a one percent mortality of people who get it which is ten times higher than the seasonal flu which is why they want everybody to be locked down for a few weeks to slow the spread now Where are we here? We've got a sixty per sixty one. Percent of the cases in Georgia are fifty nine years old or younger and thirty six percent or sixty years old and older fifty percent of the people who have at our female fifty forty eight percent male two percent. We're not sure we don't know about the other fifty-seven genders haven't gotten that data yet. Now here here are the numbers right now. This has actually gone up. Looks like they have since the last time pulled it up. Maybe they've revised and I'm not sure two hundred four cases in Fulton hundred twenty-five cab hundred twenty-three in one. Oh nine in Cobb eighty-two Bartos sixty nine fifty and carol thirty six in Cherokee Twenty nine and Clayton twenty-five and Lee Twenty one in Clark Twenty and Henry Nineteen in whole eighteen in Douglas Fourteen and floyd twelve and Fayette old twelve in lowndes tin in Columbia Coweta and I sight Richmond. Rockdale exporting counties. Nine in Gordon Polk counties aid in Newton County seven in Chatham Lawrence and Troup County six in Bibb early house to know Coney Paul Ding counties five in Glen Peach Sumpter in tift counties. Four in Mitchell Muskogee pickens terrel and Whitfield counties three in Baker Brian Butts Crisp effingham Lamar Lumpkin Monroe and worth counties two in Baldwin Barrow. Coffee Call quit Irwin. Jasper Madison Miller similar twigs and Washington counties and one in each of these been hill. Burke Camden Catava Charlton to clinch Dawson. Decatur Dodge fanning green harass. Her Jackson Jones Liberty Lincoln. Long making meriwether Morgan Pierce Pulaski Randolph. Stevens Tattenham Taylor. Thomas Turner Wear White and Wilkins County and one hundred sixty in counties of unknown origin. That the that is your current audit in the state of Georgia. Now there is some data that has been released in the state. Where is this Email I got here we go. This is in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the headline is what Georgia's mayors and county leaders were told about the pandemic. You need to know it to on Tuesday. We told you that the Georgia Municipal Association had recommended that all five hundred thirty eight cities in the state declare public health emergencies in an effort to ramp down the curl. Virus Pandemic Jima did so because a Monday afternoon online presentation by Dr Carlos. Del Rio the executive. Associate Dean for Imrie at Grady Health System aimed at mayors city. Managers County Commission chairs and county managers. They've got the audio that you can hear of the presentation but the L. O. Walo look at this. They're actually calling it the Wuhan pneumonia in this presentation. My Goodness Gracious So it is. I'm reading from the slide here now. they're showing the progression. They're showing the cases and now they're showing the estimates Now the the headline here that you need to know is if no aggressive intervention is done if no aggressive intervention is done what they suggest is that if they use the mid range estimates in Georgia the mid range estimates in Georgia will be a thousand sixty two deaths and the high range would be twenty seven thousand six hundred five deaths the majority those sixty five and up. But here's the problem. This is the problem if you do a mid range estimate of people getting it. You've got ten thousand six hundred seventeen people hospitalized if no intervention is done at all you have two hundred seventy six thousand fifty three people in the hospital. That's the problem is because we're going to overwhelm hospitals. If there are th- this predicted outcome after three months. If there's no action at all two hundred eleven thousand deaths if you do show social distancing one hundred fifty eight thousand deaths if you shelter in place six thousand deaths and if you complete Wuhan style lockdown. No one's out allowed out of their house at all. It is less than a thousand people. The problem here of course is that we're not going to do this now. You should also know that This doctor has been one of the most vocal opponents of what the governor's doing the governor is listening to the health experts including Dr to me at the Georgia Department of Public Health. And this doctor is not there Dr Carlos del Rio He is the Dean Imrie. And he is is Hyper aggressively critical of the governor's handling of this audio. And He is who the media is going to beat up the governor all cases and he essentially wants to the whole state In in an absolute lockdown and I don't think we're going to see that in the state now I do think that in areas like Atlanta and Albany and even Bartow County. We probably do need a complete lockdown. The governor's leaving local officials. And I gotTa tell you give the numbers in Barda county the number of deaths in Arto county from this You would think that the county commission there which shut the place down. But they haven't embarked on their eighty two cases right now in a good number of those people have died in Bartow county but then in Fulton County Fulton to cab and Cobb county. You've got over four hundred cases and they have it locked down those counties the city of Atlanta's lockdown but Fulton's not you would think that the county commissions would engage at that level and they have it And they keep passing the buck to the governor white. Why why must the governor shut the entire state down as opposed to letting these counties do the right thing I i? It boggles my mind that these counties will you can't do anything on the governor. The Governor's tells them if you WanNa shut down shut down and yet they're trying to pass the why is it that they're Democratic County Commissions? And they're hoping to blame. The governor is is. Is that part of it because there are a lot of Democrats? You know the governor's GonNa do a town hall tonight statewide. The Democrats are trying to turn it into a partisan of it to attack the governor over his handling of this which is crazy now. Let's go to the phones. Eight seven seven nine seven Eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five John Colin from Rome. How are you? I'm doing great? How are you sir? Good what's going on? I was listening to your show. And what you're doing and had just two quick points I wanted to share with you. one I think we should change the calling social distancing to calling physical distancing. I know that sounds like I'm trying to be politically correct. But we really don't need to be socially distancing people.

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