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Challenge. Yeah. He's gotta just shoot a ride over you. And he did it again. He's going to be shooters. There's gonna be nights. He's hot nights. He struggles. But early on that he is in the zone. It looks like he is a feast or famine sometimes Branly hands with their roller or two as laugh quick pass with a lot. It was a little bit low to Galloway able to scoop it up tell the shot clock for real. Reeler stops back to Galloway, he'll take a three Lakhdar he respond. Well, that was nice rotation by Galloway got his speech said, and he's a guy that can pop threes in its ninth of the year. Here's harris. He's looking for an open monkey the same. Nearly went down the rebound. And a stick back for the Memphis Tigers tell what Davenport hitting the glass. Harris was not far from four three there. Look like it was headed on the way down. But a pop back out Jasper to Galloway now burst the floor high to roller Reeler sets the offense fourteen on the shot clock. He's gonna spot up straight away. And he hit that whenever cream Bruton what they do. Especially all the options, they set that high screen guide us what's up on the hill. Drive the ball or he'll go and take the screen step back into shot dark Harris Harris Bruton Bruton trying to feed the post has Davenport outside the right of the lane. For backing is way down. He turns faces up lanes in short. Jumper banks off the iron out of bounds. It'll stay with nothing. Rolled out. I thought I was going in. He gets a good look close to the basket. That's good.

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