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An the way and and also it is it just personal animosity or is this some kind of a strategy well uh if you're the president based i think you probably love the idea that he's taking one the bob corker of the world into the dean heller of the world but he also and and then throwing steve bannon attempt to those of you know announced attempt to target it uh certain senator certain republicans starters who are up for reelection next year her that into the debate debated going to love this but if you were the mitch mcconnell you can't really love it because uh if they throw potential pay off into a number of senate races next year when in next year at a year when a bunch of democrats in state that the president one and only we'll be up for reelection and republicans were and are still i think expecting to pick up some senate seat the so i if it if played very well with the base but i'm not sure this play very well uh with the most uh uh you know of middle of the road type republican uh you know coastal republicans over you will look at it up there uh the you know put the hardcore bay of the president continues to play to them by taking on all of the uh republican icons if you will on capitol hill outta gas nta in washington dc should be a fun after noon and forward thing we will talk to you thank you bob thanks bye bye bye view between the president and a southern senator refugee ben ending news is next but first your wls weather channel forecast rain with us today temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 40s and breezy conditions tonight cloudy skies early followed by partial clearing slight chance of a rain shower overnight low thirty six clouds on tap for tomorrow with a chance of rain high around 50 we'll see partly cloudy skies by thursday highs.

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