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Off the street and practice squatters, the Kick game and the return game have not been up to par for the 40 Niners. This special team's overall has been spotted the first part of the year, which now ski had blocked against these Arizona Cardinals, which Got them back into the game after the 40 Niners. Let's check nothing. Wind up losing opening day. 24 20 Good sign Jeff Wilson. Junior back in. They're going to a true ICJ's under center. Kyle used check directly ahead. Gotta run it coming straight ahead. Good block by use Check, and Jeff Wilson Jr will bang out across the 20 yard line for a good powerful run A little groggy. He was maybe even knocked out cold. And at first half T rack, But he comes right back on the league play and they come right back with here. It is gonna be a nice bag game. I'm gonna be a nice bag second half and we're gonna chop people down and we're gonna move people in the line of scrimmage and Lake and Trent were outstanding and then used check as you As you call just chopped Markus Golden down out on the edge. He was checking on a pro ball for 1/5 straight year. All four has been a 40 Niners He's gonna reported that are Pro Bowl. There's a gunrunner Jeff Wilson Junior cut back at a good run 30 and he's knocked down and around the 34 yard line by Jordan Hickson. Mode of Baker. Great Vision there on the gun run opened up wide. But then he angled out left So too great runs by Jeff to open the second half and again outstanding blocking. And when you can get Trent Williams to take Zack Allan and walk him four yards down the line of scrimmage that is gonna hope it up that natural cutback crease. It was the vision of Jeff Wilson that was able to exploit it. He had nine carries for 59 yards in the first half, had a quick seven yard run Now another good run here..

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