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You imagine that about a week and so that that they this was the mass for them now i haven't read what exactly caused us of them the ransomware that was supposed to hit them was called sam sam or variant of that particular ransomware and in a you know that's that's a huge company with i'm sure very huge resources and for someone to get through on that it goes to show you that these guys are very sophisticated and how they can target and get through and so what is your solution and and i keep going back to this again and again and again and that is backups you've got to have your data backed up now listen backup serve our it's not just simply go in backup you files and you're done okay from the most simple standpoint of all that would be the way you do it you would simply go in backup your data and you're done we'll keep in mind most of the stuff today now we're and so forth they seek out backups they want to find these backup so that that way if they can encrypt your data then they can equipped your backup now you have no way of recovering you had no choice but to pay them so if you're going to do backups in is simplest form which is strictly set a lot of people just hook up an extra harddrive back at the data and put it on the schedule the problem with that is if that backup devices plugged into your computer or if you using like a little networkbased backup uh device those are vulnerable you need to have more than one of those and they should be unplug when that being used if you're gonna just simply hook it up to your computer backup then disconnect that from the usb porter what you've got whatever you're using so that if you do get hit you don't want to take the chance to they're going to find that backup in encrypted as well okay so disconnect that harddrug backup disconnect come back again backup disconnect and i recommend using more than one device because of lot of listen folks if you use one single ex ferro hard harddrive and you.

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