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Employees to give you fantastic advice to find one near you. Goto fertile loam dot com. All right. Quarter till the top of the hour. 7 45 with some change Eastern time, Jerry Jeff Walker. I sought this guy out because I have read his investigative pieces in places like Statehouse news in Ohio during the Corona virus. I call it the scam. Dammika 2020. Jack Windsor joins us from W m F D T V. Is that correct, sir? Good morning. Jerry. Jeff Walker is correct, And it's an honor to be here with you and the 700 wlw audience. Great to have you with us this morning. We've got about five minutes, So let's get right to it. Jack has been I consider one of the only actual investigative journalists that air still working without an agenda. The only agenda is getting at the truth. And I have seen you and press conferences with Governor DeWine and been very, very impressed. Thank you. Not with the governor, but with you. So what? What's the big takeaway you've found out during This whole mess and the governor's reaction and his edicts and the like to covert 19 in Ohio. What we have in Ohio is a governor who came out of the gate in March after seeing mainstream coverage of covert and listening to his then health director, and he shot the state down for two weeks in order to flatten the curve and ram hospital capacity and frankly, it was hard, but most people were were on the ship that he was captaining them and happened that not happy, but Don't oblige, say, you know we're in this together so that swift in early action, he received a lot of national acclaim for that. At one point during the governor's conference, he was introduced as the governor with the highest approval rating. Ohio history. Now fast forward to the end of August, 4 state reps released articles of impeachment Columbus Station reports the results of their Facebook survey over 80% of residents, one of the governor not only impeached but removed from office. Last week, Vice President Pence asked an audience of the rally to applaud for governor to wine and they booed. So how did we get here? You know, in the beginning The potential strain on hospitals is what the emergency was about right. That never never happened in six months later, here we are still, with restrictions on gathering sporting events, businesses, kids wearing masks to school school districts all over the board as to whether there in person remote or hybrid learning Well, what's the justification for it? Jack? What have you found out? What I found out is that the goalposts move quite simply in the beginning again. It was about making sure that our hospitals were not overrun. Right Then we wanted Teo. Make sure that we want Um, being careless and killing more. Ohio then would succumb to the virus. Then we wanted to stop people from even going into the hospital and having to have a nasty bout with the virus. Now what we're hearing is after they stood up the Ohio Public health advisory system in July that gives a color code each of lives 88 counties. We're hearing that we have to stop the spread of the virus. And until we have a vaccine that a lot of people take, we need to wear a mask socially distance. And abide by the orders that were put on the books. What did you find out about it? There was one report you issued earlier this year, and I don't know if it's been fact checked out of existence but was was Ohio. Where they or were they not counting the same cases of Corona virus twice with the same people, So we uncovered a lot with respect to the data. That was one of the things that we found early on that, based on reports from people in the health care system, and within departments and health, they were saying, Look. We are counting multiple positive tests. When I checked upstream. They said, Well, we rd duplicating those. We heard a report a couple of weeks later sudden now we're not So we put it out in the public forum and we wanted to debate it. We wanted to get an answer while the answer Wass. We're not double counting cases were d duplicating If somebody takes three or four positive test that only rules up into one case now, of course you know the problem. Is that we've had some challenges with. Ah, the advocacy of tasks without some challenges with no what constitutes a covert hospitalization What constitutes a covert death? And how are we reporting these things at the at the oppressors? Because we're giving totals in worst case scenarios and not really diving in and explaining, you know what makes up the definition of the case, the hospitalization of that, But you know, the numbers have been wonky. And frankly, I think, ah lot of people feel like the administration intentionally put the worst case scenario forward in order to influence people to be, you know, more reserved and cautious. What about the trampling on people's constitutional rights and Ohio law and the the The stretching the bounds of what's available. In Ohio. I mean, Where we at on that, with the legal challenges to Governor DeWine's edicts. Well, let's take a look at what happened in Pennsylvania. A judge there ruled last week that Governor Wolf's orders Business restrictions, limits on gathering and staying home orders or unconstitutional and in violation of the first and 14th amendments, saying quote even in an emergency. The authority of the government is not unfettered. The liberties protected by the Constitution are not fair weather, freedoms and place sometimes they're good, but able to be cast aside in times of trouble. Consequently, representative Grandell introduced a bill called Restore Ohio and that bill it contains an emergency provisions, which means that it would Go in the law immediately instead of that 90 day waiting period, and it effectively strikes down the lines. Executive order 2020 Deaths 01 D. Ah declared a state of emergency on March 9th. And then, of course, without the state of emergency. All of these health orders that you are enforceable would disappear. I got you, Jack Windsor. Where can people find out more real quickly? I gotta I gotta break Facebook. Jack Windsor, Investigative Journalists. Twitter at Jacqueline's. It would talk again soon. I hope thank you very much. Jerry Jeff Walker. Thank you Have a blessed day, My friend. Alright you as well 7 50 to bring him in. 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