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The governor and Senate races as lawyers and protesters descend on the sunshine state law. Also had the story of how one man has been buffeted by President Trump's many immigration policies from TPS to the caravan. Plus, he's evil and green and Christmas icon actor Benedict Cumberbatch on playing a different kind of Grinch with a heart. It's Sunday November eleventh twenty eighteen the news is coming up in this newscast. Live from NPR news in Washington on trial. Snyder church bells rang out across France today to Mark the end of the first World War as they did a century ago. NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports President Trump and more than seventy other heads of state are in Paris for the events on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in nineteen eighteen the guns fell silent the devastating four year war that was supposed to be over by Christmas killed millions of soldiers and civilians worldwide. The toll was especially heavy in Europe, and France where much of the war was fought more than three million French German and British soldiers were killed a whole generation of young men was lost the US entered the war in nineteen seventeen three years after it had begun. But its presence was decisive America helped it's weary French and British allies turn the tide. Today's ceremony under the arc not off in Paris will bring an end to four years of centennial commemorations for what was then thought to be the war to end all. Wars. Eleanor Beardsley NPR news. Paris activist group is claiming responsibility for disrupting President Trump's motorcade while the president was being driven to the ceremony. At least one topless woman was slogans written hundred chests breached security before being apprehended by police thousands remained under evacuation orders because of the wildfires burning in southern California officials say more than one hundred square miles of Bern north and east of Los Angeles, including Malibu were Laura Cottam, Machi hurts home was among those burned to the ground. It's carnage. It's just awful. I know I'm not the only one that. I have clients have friends. They're all going back and forth. His Sydney pictures of. Devastation. Really, it's it's awful. Authorities say two people were found dead in southern California. And with more bodies discovered in the fire that destroyed the northern California town of paradise a statewide death toll has climbed to twenty-five. Strong winds expected to return today, the suspended West Virginia supreme court Justice Allen law-free is step down following a year long scandal in a federal conviction was Jimmy public. Broadcasting state missed its reports lotteries resignation comes as lawmakers were against set to consider his impeachment. Governor Jim Justice had called for another special session loafers impeachment that was set to be Tuesday. But Lawford resigned before the proceedings could take place the house of delegates. Impeach the embattled Justice a first time in August for lavish spending on office renovations using state resources for private gain and failing to provide administrative oversight of the court. He had been sent to stand trial in the state Senate until an opinion from an ad ad-hoc bench for the state's high court ruled his in the impeachment of three other justices. Unconstitutional luxury was convicted in October on eleven counts of federal charges, including fraud witness tampering and making false statements. His sentencing is set for January for NPR news. I'm Dave Mitch in Morgantown, West Virginia. And you're listening to NPR news. Election workers in Florida or recounting ballots. Florida's secretary of state ordered recounts this weekend and to top state wide races for the US Senate between incumbent Democrat Bill, Nelson and Republican governor Rick Scott and for governor between democrat Andrew gillum and Republican Ron to Santa's recount announcement prompted him to withdraw his concession a Senate race in Arizona and the governors election in Georgia also remained undecided. Military veteran from Texas was in New York this weekend to patch things up with a Saturday Night Live cast member and beers. James Dubec reports at S and L's Pete Davidson faced widespread criticism after he made fun of Dan Crenshaw who is now. A congressman elect Pete Davidson said before the midterms that Crenshaw looked like a quote hitman in a porno movie. Crenshaw a former navy seal served in Afghanistan and lost his right high from an E blast in two thousand twelve he only recovered vision in his left eye. After multiple surgeries some said Davidson's joke went too far Crenshaw himself tweeted, quote, that's don't deserve to see their wounds used as punch lines for bad jokes on the latest show, Davidson apologized and invited Crenshaw to make fun of what he looks like. This is Pete Davidson, he looks like if the meth from breaking bad was a person Crenshaw said there's a lesson here that quote Americans can forgive one another James Dubec NPR news voters in the eastern regions Ukraine controlled by Russia back separatists going to the polls today. They're voting in local government elections that are being denounced by Ukraine's president has illegitimate. I'm trial Snyder NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the size SIMS foundation since nineteen eighty five supporting advances in science education and the arts towards a better more just society. More information is available at sei SIMS foundation dot org. This is weekend edition from NPR news. I'm Lou Garcia Navarro. Good morning. We begin in California where fires are raging through the state northwest of Los Angeles. A pair fires have forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of residents. Two bodies were found yesterday and in northern California officials now say that at least twenty three people have been killed in the campfire believed to be the most destructive fire in state history at the center of that still burning landscape the town of paradise humidity. Like a lot of others rule towns midwestern towns. Yeah. Love god. And love country and love each. Other Lauren light hall is the principle of paradise high school and I spoke with him yesterday. Two days after the fire devastated. The town before we talk about your school. I have to ask how you your family doing? We're doing okay have seven kids and a dog. And so it's our houses been completely destroyed. And it's it's hard for people to want to take in all those people. So we're extremely grateful for our community were Mormons and the for people over to take a San and support us and give us a place to hang our heads and feel safe. That must be pretty devastating. Spend it's been tough just because all the things that you love about your life, your yearbooks and your wedding rings, and anything that's ever important to was gone. Even though we plan to these things we have document, boxers. It was just so frantic that we just we just laughed. We feel very grateful that we were able to just get on with their lives. Have you been able to tell the kids at the house has gone? We just told them. I don't know that they quite get it. Yeah. Are worried about their XBox. Or, you know, they're pull up our personal things. But I don't know that they get the gravity of the situation. When you say the fire was coming up so fast. Can you just take me back to that moment? And and describe what went on. Well, I got to work at about seven twenty or seven thirty. I could see a little smoke in the distance and some orange sky, but wasn't too worried about it. And then eight o'clock we went outside to check it out and it progressed quite rapidly. We'll just cancel and and and make it up later. So we're able to clear out probably have to school very quickly. Just ask elated. So so fast from that point by nine o'clock, you could barely breathe and because of the ash and the debris that we moved everyone into the cafeteria, and we had them get picked up there. But everybody was reunited with their parents. So it was it was terrifying. What condition is the school? And do you know? We have gotten word that the main part of campus is in decent shape. About eighty to ninety percent of the homes in paradise have been affected in some way that that that's probably low. I don't I I know the few homes that survived. I'm sure they have smoke damage. But it's the town is just completely flattened one literally has any place to go. This is your community. That must be a very difficult thing to say. It is.

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