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Kevin stead. We come here today to remember the hundred and sixty eight lives lost the hundreds injured and the many more who served on the front lines. We also come here today to teach the next generation the impact of violence and the healing that combs as we walk and Christ's commandments to love. Our neighbor said that over the past two decades, Oklahoma's have demonstrated to the nation and to the world, the power of compassion and unity and Oklahoma teenager, charged with murder and rape and other felonies following a two thousand seventeen string of crimes and Tulsa now says he has changed his mind and does not want to take back his guilty plea. We get that story from Katie case. Jim Foreside seventeen year old Deontay green pleaded guilty last month to I agree. Murder and nineteen other counts in a blind plea greens attorneys later filed to withdraw the plays in part because they say green didn't know what the word guilty. Meant green was sixteen when he was accused of killing broken arrow middle schoolteacher, Shane Anderson and raping an eighty one year old woman, he said to be sentenced in July and could get life in prison customer found a hidden camera and a woman's bathroom at a restaurant and Salazar and police now have arrested a restaurant employee a customer found the small camera in an air vent of a bathroom stall police have arrested thirty two year old Edgar Moran Carreira who has reportedly confessed to putting the camera in the bathroom. Police went to his house and seized several cellphone's data storage devices, laptops, and computer equipment. A manhunt is underway. In Ardmore for a man police say may have committed multiple sex crimes against children, they say forty year old whore. Hey, Maldonado hasn't been showing up for work and may be trying to get back to Mexico to avoid arrest. And a suspect is now in custody for allegedly breaking into the straw their elementary school in Seminole early Monday and set. Adding several fires inside the school. Forty-five-year-old? Philip Dunston was arrested Thursday in Holden. Ville after a traffic stop the Seminole county. Sheriff's office says tips began pouring in after surveillance video was released Dunton is being held on one million dollars bond and a calls out for a fugitive who's been on the run for more than four years. The State Department of corrections announcing today that it is still looking for Francisco PII as he walked away from the Clara waters community corrections center and Oklahoma City in November of two thousand fourteen he was serving sentences out of Oklahoma and Seminole counties for forgery and drug possession. Former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt who also used to be Oklahoma's attorney general is now registered as an energy lobbyist in Indiana. According to the Associated Press in a lobbying disclosure, there are clues that indicate he may be working on behalf of the coal industry. And pier. One. Imports plans to close more stores. The struggling home decor retailer says it could shudder as many as one hundred forty five locations after reporting disappointing fourth-quarter results this.

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