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That Based on the science or wrong They are wrong. Now they can do do they can do a lot of dancing around. Oh, but maybe it's inconclusive and there's other things. Why do we think this Danish study was delayed for months? You don't think that there was a lot of wrangling around this to try to avoid releasing it. People don't like looking dumb. Even if it's just maybe they are. Maybe that does protect from aerosolize virus that goes to somebody else. If you wear the mask, right, maybe it contains more of your very that's possible. I don't know. But I do know that the other thing they were telling us until last week, and they would have made fun of you for bringing up in public. They were wrong about that, based on what we know now, and here's the other part of it. We learn more in time. Science is about testing and retesting assumptions. Data fact these air about what is true, and sometimes we think something should we find out that it's not That's a part of being an intellectually honest and worthwhile entity. Do you think the control freaks out there or even are going to give that a moments? Attention? Of course not. They were just wrong on this one. And you know what they're moving on to were right about the other thing. Shut up. Where your mask I'll keep that one going until we see what the studies tell us about that. Not long. Not long ago, I met Mike Lyndall, the incredible inventor of my pillow, and he fit me for my very own my pillow, among other products. I can't stop raving about them. They're amazing. These pillows won't go flat..

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