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I have something cool to tell you who you can win a sign todd girlie or a sign levy on bell jersey were giving both away right now free to enter both yet both for the week what are we insane tied girlie orlando bell you can win either while foot claimed giveaway dot com that's all you gotta do go to for clean giveaway dot com free free to enter eits is easy is leaving us a review following us on instagram there some different ways you can enter um all free and you can get yourself a sign tied girlie jersey for the wall we got mike evans up on the wall today your dern right are you guys want talks toxin news yes news and notes from around the league all right the giants have hired mike shula as their offensive coordinator congratulations schumer and shula in tree i don't want to i don't want to you know we're gonna have the coaching episode so i don't wanna go in oh sanghoon yes very soon we're gonna have the episode where we do go in depth on all these coaches so i don't wanna go too far in depth but basically i might take on this is me yep yeah i mean my csu look look like a great offensive coordinator when cam newton was amazing one 2015 and then they look like a terrible and last year and the air before so yeah i'm kinda may as well you in rappaport is reporting.

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