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Until dell we have Jeff Culverhouse out of Dallas Texas Japanese wife of accumulated three or four apartment complexes as a passive I think one of those sold off and they also decided become leads in there are lead investors themselves which we'll get to in a moment we just finished discussing them coming to the two day finding us through friends now we'll talk about when you came out of the two day Jeff let's talk about the plan and what did you in the wife plan and how did you execute that plan our plan was the you know to get into this this first still and set the kennel learn you know real estate I guess that we we we had not really done much with rules that other room here and what our friends at dawn and so we are our goal is to to get into the first deal and then after that pretty near to we wanted to be into two deals you know possibly so you know we started doing our networking and luckily for us we yeah we we can have it easier in that respect because you know I've got several friends that were now lead investors and thought you know I had kind of an inside track there and you know without that I I wouldn't be able to be where I am now you know so really it was just a first attacking the passive bills we knew that one at some point what I did I wanted to be a lead at some point just from looking at the numbers you know the there's just so much more chance to retire yourself if you can become a lead and my wife on the other hand was you know she was not so sure about that and it took some some coaxing but eventually we both came around to the it it's interesting and fun I go through it myself with my wife it's just the the dynamics of two people any two people trying to come to a conclusion together is always interesting and I guess it's really luckily for lucky for those of us who have married the right person that we can formulate an agreeable position between the two of us some people out there like I said I've met people that dying to get into doing something in their spouse wouldn't let him do it you know so that's great when you guys came out you had you had it it is a true advantage to be having a deal and a person you wanted to go into the deal I would suggest for people listening though that most people come here able to get into a deal within three or four months and then they can get into many is the one after that because once you get on everybody's list there's deals coming through my email every single day it would turn into down left right left and right because we just can't keep up with the volume so I don't think that's really from you will run into Jeff but yeah yeah he was definite deaf in it the advantage is that it was a friend this so you didn't have to fear you knew the person yet so that's a good that's good moving on from there though you wanna do deals with other people the word French right actually all of the bills we are are in our our our friends of ours so my gosh that's amazing I didn't know that part of the story so what's it called when you only you in a little snobby group together what yeah we actually do have name for our group while a little click within the group that's funny that is why they had those there and use a couple different groups were they bought like five or ten apartment complexes within a mile to each other so they call themselves you know things like that the Galveston look pigs or something like that it's called Clearlake pigs to whatever the move along but I guess size weapon now and let's talk about you coming to the conclusion somewhere along the line that you wanted to be a lead let's work into that from how would build up to that and then what snap made you make that decision to go ahead sure that's that's a pretty good one way you know out looking at the numbers he almost spreads the kind of guy I like to to to make the numbers work basically it's they make me feel better to have the calculations and just going over the numbers it's like yeah I can I can do this passively and you know it and that that works but if you want to be more aggressive and do it it's it's gonna have to be you know push more price so what I did was you know was looking at it now if I wanted to be lead and and we went along you know they can okay maybe next year maybe next year maybe next year well then I worked my **** off in twenty eighteen for the company I work for I mean out of put in long hours to the a a bunch of install stuff and and you know just just I was doing a bunch for the company and then or we go when we go to get my raises it was a it was just not what I expected it was not near as good as what I felt I put down and so you know that was a light switch for me I was like you know but I'm a number here I I can I can keep I can bust my **** and and work really hard and just get a really small raise that wasn't even up to you know it's all security got this year and so at the moment I decided to jump and the fact I after I got mine paper for my raise I went in and Texas my good friend and said okay I'm ready because he's been sent me stuff you need to jump you know and and that's kind of the last name burger jump crew is he got me to jump and and as I say this that's it the rest is history while so the process you decided it was time let's walk us through here we still got two minutes left walk us through the process you had to go tell your your mentor and sign up for took a walk through the steps you went through okay so first but you know I was talking to a friend he's these help me tell me what I need a second go to initiate the contact with the mentor you know in parallel I'm talking to you mortgage brokers on on talking to real estate attorneys and trying to get my team in place behind me and so it it it again it really helps to have people that are already doing this on your side so it we got all that stuff lined up and and you know got you know how much about what we were one to look for we want to look for like a four unit or less property and one talk to you the mentors and and you know got blessed often became aspiring lead and it is it all happened really fast because it you were looking at a property that was you know thank you eighteen twenty units some somewhere around there and that you know that it just didn't happen but then we were at a but some old capital is now and started talking to you some some brokers there and they they were talking about small market deals and never gave me any names but that that's our started digging around in the area and found the property and we ended up some mineral while Matt within you know a it doesn't expiring at an aspiring lead for a couple months only and then you know that prop this property happened while also that's quickly moved in right away got it done now one thing I want to make one point I want to make clear to everybody out there been I didn't realize this was going to happen but I'm feeling it to me so if I'm feeling probably everybody else out there stealing it you have all these friends there in there okay so we might be leading people to believe you because you had friends had people talking to you what I want everybody out there to understand is if you're brand new person in you start going through the networking the we have set up you're going to meet these people in any time very quickly they're all going.

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