Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, Congress discussed on FiveThirtyEight Politics - The GOP's Last(?) Ditch Health Care Push


What we are talking before his get republicans are at record 68 lance so he said last night or yesterday he said it for public don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare reprecussions will be far greater than any of them understand exclamation point and this morning's tweet was republicans have one last chance do the right thing on repeal and replace after years of talking in campaigning on it implicit is this is sort of what's happening with trump notsosubtly threatening dean heller or getting groups to sort of try to convince people to run against two primary jeff flake like there's a lot of stuff that's happening i think none too subtly behind the scenes saying let's just you know it's almost like this effort to let's just trump a fi as much of congress as we can right so if you're not playing ball with us then we'll primary you now that is also very risky electoral strategy because that means you could be splitting a republican vote in and you know getting people riled up and may be the democrats benefit from that but trump is certainly sort of it seems like in the past day at least he's feeling than directive is there any element in those tweets of him distancing himself from republicans like running against report on emma reading too much in the fact that the call he talked about republicans during this poster we he did say in a separate tweet storm yes that like republicans are doing enough to help out given a drag lattimore yet finish line last november which is actually pretty debatable it may be dubious claim in general senate republicans ran a better than trump and they also lost seats in both chambers luna many last year but look i kinda.

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