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So if you've been listening, you know the producer Kayla here with Toby and chilly in the morning on 97.1. Washington has turned to psychic mediums to help her with her love life. Now she's always been into astrology, but she decided to go on at sea the other day. And pay 11 whole dollars to get various psychic readings. So they got back to you already. You got to share the results with us. Yes, OK, So the first psychic got back to me within one hour. Her name is Moonlight and Roses X x on Etsy her reading costs about $2 and I asked her. Hey, how's my Valentine's Day gonna go this year and she said Spirit shows that this will go very well for you. I see that you will have to. I see that you will have what you want, and I see that you all have a great weekend. Very big. That's good, but it's still positive. At least I could have said that. My mom could have said I think I'm gonna have a great weekend on that on times Day weekend. What does that mean? If you would give me $2? I would've given you a fortune cookie. That probably would have said that Li. Okay, So one of the next person say so. The next one was psychic from Amanda Studio. Reading cost $4. And she told me that the tarot cards that she used even though I did not buy a tarot card, Reading said. That has a does that show that this will be a time I'll be spending alone and he didn't even bring up a partner. She said. He will be in connection to love and relationship during this time. Who is he? What? Hold on, though, Toby, are you noticing that both of these readings so far are implying that she's going to be with somebody on Valentine's Day? Yes, there is a supernatural spiritually conundrum occurring I am following the signs. And what about the third reading? So the third reading was the most expensive it cost $5. And it was from dark secret creations on at sea, and they gave me a very lengthy reading. I will not bore you guys to tears by reading the whole thing. Let when a reference Valentine's Day, they said, I feel is still your downtown's day this year will end up being spent with somebody who you will have a growing connection with. I'm not getting a whole lot of detail about that person. But I feel as though it will be someone that will have a potential to be a lasting figure in your life. Well, that's three for three. It is I want a more detailed one leg. Yes, a beautiful man with brown hair and blue eyes will show up to your door with red roses and admit that he loves you. Could have had that Had you paid for the $35 psychic reading or the $40 psychic reading, But you paid $11 for three psychic readings. So be happy with what you've got. Three positive outcomes. It's good. It's too much pressure now and now have a month to go from having no one to someone. Well, you better get cracking top stories coming up in just a few minutes. What you working on? We'll have the latest in the fall out after the breach at the U. S Capitol. That's minutes away all the news you need traffic. Details right now, but he'll be in chilly in the morning on 97.1 Wash up them. Lisa Beeton. It's all you Metro Rail is operating on normal service system wide..

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