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To jaylen brown gift to the co laserdata gordon hayward is heartbroken elected licking broke the split with brookshaw rourke day or landed awkwardly have celtics with their hands on their head and it is season sauber which everybody thought they knew what was going to happen are waiting for a wildcard in five minutes and fifteen seconds into opening night as gross of a wildcard as you could imagine has just been dealt to the celtics though you could see the leg is is what with group you turn the other way to theor by walking away he was almost in shock is he looked at this put down turn the other way i he wrote here that ankle is broker then prior were due he'll put the season the call from inside the arena in cleveland was shown grandi and cedric maxell and even now hearing it i can see the picture the images of gordon hayward ankle as cedric maxwell said on the celtics radio network it was it was turned the wrong way tnt had a camera on the baseline as it always does and in the moment that the director went to that shot where hayward had landed awkwardly underneath the basket after kind of colliding with lebron james and jae crowder maybe before even the tnt director new or the cameramen recognized how bad it was you've got to close up if you haven't seen it i would recommend not watching it i told my mom whatever you do don't watch it if you don't need to if he didn't already see it it's an image that you can't get out of your head i felt sick to my stomach for hours for gordon hayward and and lost my appetite for basketball right away and as you can imagine the reaction inside the arena with the other players was the same the celtics the cavaliers some of them couldn't even look beside themselves others china to rally them together and try to figure out how to how do we keep going in this game because it was so early coming up in the middle let you hear what sean grainy had to say he joined us in the first hour of the show he actually flew back to boston on the team plane with gordon hayward so hayward did not leave the arena early he was back in the.

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