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Every episode I'm surrounded by my friends who are having were we're all having you know Bourbon on the rocks here you know in my living room and then they go sneak out back behind the sum treaties are fifty five year old people to to us smoke weed made him understand why we're also afraid so funny one thing you know I came into this I'm not you frankly you know I do last time I tried to you know have a seven time was when I was a freshman in college and a long time ago but I am a policy guy and when I found out how many people actually use this people are you know that I know and I'm thinking you and where you want it people people you know the Baker Charlie Baker who oppose this is you know but his own administration says that nearly twenty over twenty percent amounts relatives are users of Canada's most of them you know responsible use and this is really just saying look you know let's look at a market that has been utterly dominated by you know I'm license and you know some case criminal business people and letter finally realized the prohibition this field let's take the right approach to up regulate it tax it just like we do with alcohol tobacco and and pharmaceuticals I think it's the right way to go and we're seeing nothing but frankly I think positive developments out of this absolutely in this is we're speaking the gym Barzani we let him go now but remember he is the man who had the faith in the in the dream of legalization many of us were laughing you then Jim we know what happened but but it is come to fruition you're absolutely right about that so much of the stuff in thanks.

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