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Are executive director producer co host will inform you Now how the system is working this morning as I was caught reading an email here from an engineer. Who work for I suspect World Pool or one of the older manufacturers, Calvin Ator and whatever, but I am always impressed with hearing from an engineer, especially who won Who was an engineer with a major manufacturer of refrigerators. We'll get into that a little bit, and Donna will explain everything about how you can be a part of this radio show. And I just want to say thank you. For all of you folks who send me emails. Some of you are so nice. It's unbelievable. I'm not as good as you think I am. And I don't know everything. But I know enough to try and make this program entries interesting, Donald. Well, here's the detail. The rain has got the gremlins going in the WJR Fisher building phone system so we can take voice calls this morning, but we're taking text messages and it's working. Just great. We answer a ton of questions, and it seems to be convenient and work for everybody. So rather than call us with a voice call this morning, you want to text us your message. Just put your name your city and your question and text it to the Same number we give out all the time. 808 590 w. J. R That's 808 59. 09571 more time for the new Our 808 590957. Alright, Joe. Today's date is June 26 2021 I want to go back exactly 25 years to the day to June 26 1996 and I want to say congratulations. To a Detroit radio morning personality that began his show that morning. He began that show on WJR. He's been in that times flat. On that radio station for 26 years today, How about we both give a big congratulations to Paul W. Smith? With that said by you, Uh and I've said my little things on how great I think that man is what a legend he has become. But I'm going to ask you, Donald. When did you ever meet Paul W. Smith? When? When did you meet him for the first time? Yeah. Um, I I can't remember meeting him before I started working at WJR about 13 years ago. Now I may have, But here's what I will tell you being such a little radio nerd. I actually know that June 26 1996 was his first starting date Not because somewhere along the way as an anniversary, I wrote it down. But actually on that morning, I knew that this new morning guy on WJR, it was kind of a big deal. June 26 1996 and that a literal same typing of the also letters have popped up now for 25 years, as in today, But the first time I met him, I'm going to guess maybe 13 years ago. Were you impressed when you met him? Yes, You know, I was a salesperson for wjr at the time Account executive. So my job is to be working with our clients and making sure that you know they're happy getting their message out on the radio station and, uh, a lot of times we're working directly with the personality. And one thing I would say right off the tap that I knew about Paul W. Smith is he was a sales. Friendly announcer and, uh, you know, so from a sales guys for interview that was certainly a positive quality of work with a guy who was so aware, uh and and valued so much the sales process of the radio station and the clients we were keeping happy. Well, he is a true professional in the radio business. I have nothing but kind words to say about my relationship with him because I was at the station when he came Replacing JP McCarthy. And you know, I've never asked him and I will. Some day. Was it tough coming in and replacing a legend like JP McCarthy? It had to be He had to be nervous. He had to be worried. And he didn't have really much to worry about because he's still with us, and hopefully another 25 years. And, uh, that's our tribute to our own. Paul W. Smith on this Saturday morning. Congratulations, fall. W Happy silver Anniversary. All right. Let's read that text from the engineer that you were referring to. I'll read it on the fly here work for word, he says. Hi, Joe Tom from Chesterfield, and I'm, an engineer that formerly worked for a major Michigan based refrigerator company. From West Michigan. From my experience, at least half of all cooling adore problems were caused by consumers that have stuff in their compartment blocking the doors. But they didn't notice because they are hitting the door bins not sticking out the number. One rule for us was always empty the compartment and see how it works before trying to diagnose a mystery problem. And if the freezer is packed, and then it kind of gets truncated right there. He certainly is saying, you know, in so many times. The best solution is the simplest solution. He's just basically saying, Make sure it's not over. Packed. Yes, and that's true. But that man did not work for G E. I can tell you that right off the bat. You see this problem? The G E has was Caused by Excuse me engineers. They engineered a door closure system with a lower hinge that has a plastic cam on it. And as you close the door, the door lifts up goes over this camp and makes that final closure. That's a common thing as all service technicians. Know that for a fact, But I'd love to have that engineer send me an email. I like to be communicating with someone who is not on the payroll today can speak freely. To me and to our listening audience. And it would be interesting to hear his viewpoints on the way refrigerators are made today. Donald When we come back, we're going to be talking to a buyer from Royal Oak, at least via text message and via the radio because she's texted in her question. We're also going to be answering the question that was texted in by Leah and we could be answering your question as well. The WDR phone system is an outage format today so we're doing it by text message, Not by voice call, So text us your name. Name your city and your question and has simply texted to us at 808 590, Double D. J. R. That's 808 590 W Jr were being helped out in the audio format this morning by Daniel Mason and on the phones, Dave Rigger is helping us out and we help them. We thank them so much for helping us this morning. I'm happy to be helping out as well. I am Donald the hammer, Houston. And we're just moments away.

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