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Treatments for covert nineteen while the world waits for hopefully an effective vaccine to prevent infection from the novel coronavirus work goes on around the world to find effective treatments especially ones that might be used for patients not yet seriously ill with coverage nineteen in LA's cedars Sinai as one of just a few medical centers nationwide now under trial for center treatment a treatment using antibodies from a recovered coverage patient but now we have an antibody that we can use against the virus that hopefully will prevent the viral entry and replication and suppress the injury that I can do in the body thanks to the chant is director of the division of pulmonary and critical care medicine at cedars Sinai this is a phase one study so this is just really taste testing safety and dosing since the clinical trial is just getting underway no way of knowing how well this approach will work but doctors are hopeful Charles Feldman can extend seventy newsradio more tonight eight o'clock on KNX in depth a woman is suing the center at park west nursing home in receipt of where her mother died on may nineteenth the lawsuit alleges wrongful death elder abuse will for willful misconduct and negligence the daughter says the nursing home staff did not tell her the extent to which Colbert nineteen had infiltrated the facility I didn't tell her once her mother started showing signs of the virus the sixty six year old woman had been at park west since December twenty twelve after she suffered a stroke the suit also says the home did not test any of its residents itself until on or after may twenty second after the woman was dead we're checking the large protests going on now underway in Hollywood and more at four oh three after CBS news at three fifty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five surrounded by duck duck go and here's Brian Douglas yeah Hollywood is kind of like the focal point here and also downtown when it comes to the biggest protest in Hollywood looks like us some of its kind of fractured off so we've got several groups of people and that one big group just trust Sunset Boulevard on the one on one seats we have to run a quick break just to make sure everyone crossover pass and didn't catch anyone's attention on the freeway but you are moving but you are going to be slow again on that to Hollywood freeway through Hollywood sunsets just avoid that still folks at sunset in highland looks like they're moving east you had some folks at fountain you had some folks in Hollywood Boulevard Cahuenga I've are so that's gonna be tough spot downtown as.

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