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Risk manager for London for the UK's environment agency. And can you also penned a report into how London can respond to rising sea levels and pundits too high. Come we respond? We have a space to poach where we would have to build fist increased walls and the Ristori. We will they need to think about increasing the wool Hudson the inside. So the London and then finally will need to think about a replacement barrier. We know that will be around twenty seventy basin currency number is, but obviously things accelerate it'll need at the same time. We working with all the local government long this fish to think about what riverside needs to look like in the future. Do we want the banks that are just wolves? So you say the only barrier is further away from the river. So there is that might occasionally flood otherwise can be useful. Yeah. So this is one in the outer issue, for example, we all thinking about retreating some areas because there's not the people not the Cup. So some places you'll retreat other places defend how confident that you can defend London over the next two centuries. Very confident we could defend them over the next century of the next to center the long time. Commit to say that. But we particularly in the one thousand years what would happen if we didn't do anything that that picks drop of time for the region issue. Here's because Siegel rises, you build it up. If it does it's going to be even more catastrophic flood, isn't it? This does beach will pass by but sets why the reliability of the barrier in particular is so important, and that's why we've been so much money. That's why Steve's tasting today. So we have certainty that when we need to close it. It does. Thank you, Mr. cut. And that's where we'll be ending the program, but business stadi- will continue to report climate change of what we can to to tackle it. So keep on. Now on the BBC World Service witness history with me for HANA high. And today, we go back to nineteen Seventy-nine when one of the great engineering feats of the twentieth century.

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