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Platforms fox's Michelle Paulino and I. giochi part this report is sponsored by compassion international mostly clear pleasant conditions across central Alabama as we go into the overnight hours we'll have a load right around sixty six sunshine back in the forecast tomorrow with a high of eighty seven mostly clear again Sunday night with a low sixty four in the WBRC fox six first alert weather center I'm meteorologist Fred hunter on your side on newsradio one oh five five WBRC right now it's eighty eight degrees at Birmingham's news traffic and weather station newsradio one oh five five W. we are C. we're all feeling the weight of covert nineteen but for kids in poverty around the world things are becoming desperate join compassion international will provide for a family in poverty make your one time forty dollar gift text hope to eight three three nine three this is what's happening recent case we are not going to shut down the economy at the latest what happened in Seattle they took over city checking in often statues have together raised that part of our history public intervention Jacksonville on newsradio one oh five five W. we are C. what you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and hello America and welcome to the program today we are talking to the police officers and I want to hear from police officers if your.

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