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And she puts up her hands. And so, Yeah, she was dating Robertson Nero. And what was her role in the section was in. She was in a photo like with Madonna. I think I think she's I guess I could be Googling this, but I'm not. But I'm pretty sure she's laying in a pool and it's her bottom is in the air there naked in the pool, and she's kind of in Madonna's Lapin. Is there a guy in it? There's a guy in it. So Naomi's in the pool the guys in the pool touching. In her bare butt. And then Madonna is on the side of the pool spread eagle, right And and Naomi's kind of covering a little bit. You done? Yeah, she's you know, to teach strategic in Madonna's business, so that that she was there for one of the chutes, but I mean, I remember my brother getting this book and he still hasn't Yes, he goes bum that he opened. It opened it because the book immediately fell apart it I remember that. I guess we've talked about this because Would be was like a metal binder. And it was like $50 of the time. Wraith very expensive and it fell. It fell apart, but he still has it in a little. Little flat box and sometimes he preserves dealing. These people say unbelievable The photos and I mean Madonna has been see he's Madonna. She doesn't need to be Madame X and Madame crazy and Quarantine and I'm just so disappointed that she's turned into be this This. She's just being so goofy. And I think it's because she's exhausted from having had Children for all these years. I mean, good Lord Lourdes is like 24. So Madonna has already been having kids for 24 years and one of the twins, maybe, like I feel like they've really got years left literally years left. She's cracking up. I'm just okay. But the other thing did Naomi Campbell because she was hot in the news for a while because she was throwing phones at people Irons member. She did the public service and she was out. We're in a rush. But she talked about doing the Freedom 90 video, which was the George Michael Freedom. That wasn't such an iconic video. Yes, and she said they were. She was in the Terri Terri Mugler's show like that. He did five and one day in Paris, and it ended at 3 30 in the morning. And she and George Michael were both at the show and the after party he get on the plane at 16. Cashews, first for crawl on the London said he needed but she has Like when she writes a book, You guys. She's got stories for days. I mean, but she's been with everybody. And when she was 17 he was in New York City, Rabin, elbows with John Michel Basquiat, an Andy Warhol and just sort of all these people were You know, either a lot older, a little bit older,.

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