Elon Musk, Harambee, Cleveland discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Morning news. When I saw the news late yesterday that Elon Musk had released a rap song. I thought surely he has not really done that. But he has you'll remember Harambee was the the gorilla that was shot dead at the zoo and Cleveland a couple years ago after a child climbed into the enclosure and zoo handlers shot Harambee dead. So now, Elon Musk has released an auto tuned rap single called R P Harambee. And the reason why I hate Elon Musk is I listened to this hook one time, and it stuck in my head. So that's that's supposed to be Elon Musk. RIP? Thank you. Good. The. You think that it's a bit of a shot to Elon Musk's credibility as a rocket scientist and an automobile designer and manufacturer when he goes on Joe, Rogan's, podcast and smokes of huge blunt. And releases a rap single. Counterproductive to his main.

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