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Rider in 1962 on Atlantic number nine on the R and B charts and 34 on the pop charts, And that was Laverne Baker's last charter. And 66 years ago. Today she was in the studio cutting her first one lady C. C Rider was public domain. Ma Rainey first recorded in 1924, and she kind of got the writer's credit. But as I say it was around before her. Leadbelly recorded it. When Chuck Willis had the big hit on him, Atlantic gave him the writer's credit. Sure, Allah worked. But everybody remembers Tweedle Lee Dee is Laverne Baker's first hit, But interestingly, the record that followed it in 1955 got even higher on the R and B charts. Pop tingling which we played last week, So yeah, 66 years ago today it was a good time in the Atlantic Studios. So about 0 10 days ago Now I had got my copy of cyber die in the mail. I wanted to read this because Bud Con el well, he's a radio legend for one thing, and we'll talk about that, too. But I've been following many of his remarks online and knew that he had written us and I thought, What the heck, I'll order a copy from Amazon. And I had just started to read John Sanford's latest book, at least latest one for me, masked prey, and I'm Thinking to myself, Boy. That's a great title for right now, innit? And Cyberdyne comes and so I think. Okay. I'm just going to take a peek at this and I'll start reading it after I finish. Sanford. And I get to Chapter one, and I'd say within about 30 seconds. I'm hooked. A stolen red mask. Pray I'll get to it now. Normally, I say, I will not have an author on until I finish the book, No matter what it is. I've made exception for this because I haven't finished cyber die easily could have, But this is so delicious. I don't want it to end. So I'm just reading it a bit at a time. And I want to introduce you to but can l and welcome to WG and radio. Thanks. Well, hello, Rolley at W G and the big 7 20. Thanks for having me on your show. O thank thanks for writing this and I'll tell you exactly where I am And I just found out That Ida has identified. Roger and I remembered that Roger was giving Ethan Tech toys and I have a feeling there's more coming on that. I don't know. And your eye on that toy. That's exactly I just know it. And and also, I love because I I used to live in Utah. In fact, I probably lived a mile from Bluffdale. So you know, Consequently, when you're talking about the otherwise useless data center, I'm going. Yes, Yes, yes. So this is a just a just a wonderful book and the themes air so reminiscent of what we face now, So my first question is. When did you start writing this? Really? I started writing that about Er about nine years ago. Whoa! And I had a health interruption of about five years ago and I had to just put it aside and if I was playing around with it up to that point, I was about halfway finished with it. And the health interruption took about five years out of my life, but I beat it and I'm here now and I finish the book and got it out, and that's history. Well, timing is everything because yes, This was all interesting a decade ago, and certainly a decade ago, they were busy building Bumble hive as we like to call it in Bluffton. But But now today, cyber die couldn't be better time than right this minute. I don't think I think in many ways what I've read so far about their plans kind of doves dovetails with what the people are government would like to do. Well, I feel that way. The novel the novel Cyber Day as two purposes. Number one to expose a fraud behind mass media accumulation and manipulation. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this. You're you're probably no, This is perfect. Well, you may be further along than that. You have to kind of have a feeling for that at this point. Well, I'll tell you what Last star we're talking to Brad Columbo, who is from the Foundation for Economic Education about what happened with Twitter and the Biden story and my What I love about that Just adore is that because Twitter tried to censor it, it got more coverage than it ever would have. But the idea of the message being co opted and what we hear and don't hear being ah, vastly different from what the average person thinks. Absolutely. I'm on that page. The cyber guy has two purposes. Number one is to expose a fraud behind mass data accumulation and manipulation, especially private data information, Private Any kind of data. And number two to put the news media all of it on the spot for not doing the job the public expects them to do and the job the public needs them to do. That's Max. Max clears my goal in life. We call it the mistakenly the mainstream media now, but its no longer mainstream. It's directed from one place to another place from the higher ups, who are heavily controlling. To the uninformed masses uninformed only because all they ever see, hear or read. Is directed from those masters into a limited controlled. I like to call it the information tomb, often the truth, whatever it is at the time Chan to penetrate those walls. And the propaganda that's pushed into that. Uh, media tomb echoes from wall to wall and that's all the victims of the scheme ever hear or believe it's on ly what the controllers want them to know. What's interesting in the agenda is that everybody, for instance, when they seize that see the National Enquirer at the checkout line, they know not to. Ah, believe every word. Maybe look at that with a jaundiced eye, yet they pick up the New York Times and they think that this is legitimate news and I'll tell you if I had to put the Enquirer next to the Times. I'm not sure which one I'd vote for, but I'm leaning toward the folks in West Palm Beach. I always looked at the Enquirer is comedy. Comedy news department. You know, sitting there standing there in the island waiting to check out I see this and I glance of the cover, and I, you know, might only not pick up of, uh, paper and read it once in a while. Maybe once every two years. I might buy one because it took me. You mentioned the comedy by the way for a while when they went color. They had their black and white press and they put out the weekly world News, which initially wass pretty much a comedy publication, and I thought it was just terrific. I don't think anybody was supposed to believe it, but I would actually buy copies. It was just hilarious. So yet is comedy. Well on the issue of cyber die. I want my main character Macklin or Mac McLear to ultimately realize that he's a true American and to conduct himself accordingly. Now, whether he does or not, is up to the reader to find out, I'll give this clue. Followup novel Deep Fake, acknowledges that he has grown into the part, and he handles bigger problems and gets into even more trouble than he does in cyber date but attacks that trouble from a different perspective. That of someone who's already learned some hard lessons, which he does in cyber Day. When's it coming out? It'll be a probably the winter. I'm looking at the weather and the latest next spring. I'll tell you why. Because it was supposed to be out this summer, but I'll bring that up in a minute, and it's kind of an interesting little story. I want to cover what is cyber die? Cyber dies A combining form acronym. You know Washington loves acronyms. The word Cyber Plus D III, forming one word, which means cyber data identification and evaluation. Now that's the gentle Public acronym..

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