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F. t. l. I'm meteorologist Lauren Alaska. CBS twelve news mostly sunny skies to get us started on this Tuesday of. Course all racing couple of showers moving across the area. We could still see showers and thunderstorms developing during the afternoon especially for our inland locations. Temperatures today will be near ninety degrees we will be much drier for your Wednesday and the rest of the week Powered by the unstoppable force of. The United States army very special with this new authorization we will increase the size and strength of our, military by adding thousands, of new recruits to active duty reserve and national guard. Units including, four thousand new active duty soldiers and we will. Replace aging tanks aging planes and ships with the most advanced, and lethal technology ever developed. And hopefully we'll be so strong will. Never have to use it but if we ever did nobody has a chance Yeah well that's fine and dandy except that the Taliban, blindsided our forces with a surprise Afghan offensive and you cannot rest on your laurels have reason he needs to be building up the military in the manner that. Is is because the enemy is absolutely hell bent and they don't care how long it takes for, them to achieve their goal radical Islam has been a heading in this direction for a thousand years or more the Taliban is on the verge of expanding its control over. Southern and eastern Afghanistan right now in a surprise offensive that has caught us off guard and he throws, a big time wrench into, the strategy that this president had for, ending a seventeen year old war there the Afghan defense ministry said Monday a Taliban assault on the city. Of Ghanzi a key provincial capital linking other areas under the Islamic. Militant groups control just seventy five miles south east East of Kabul has killed, roughly one hundred Afghan security forces and some twenty civilians over the past three days These forces in Afghanistan by the way are backed by. Us by US forces and by NATO advisers and they're now saying Monday night to retain control of central guns local reports indicated Taliban. Fighters still had pockets of the city and had simultaneously swept in and taking over. Most of the surrounding provinces rural areas analysts said the development has underscored the Talibans capability for resurgence in Afghanistan Some will likely increase the group's political leverage over peace talks with the. US officials that the Trump administration has quietly been trying to get off the ground This is the kind of news. Let me just say this okay. My job is to do, an analysis of, the news okay I'm not a news reporter I don't pretend to be unbiased everybody's, quite certain that I am I have. A political perspective a political, viewpoint and I do everything. I can to illustrate to people have, my. Viewpoint is right but, you don't have, to believe, that I don't report the news but nobody's reports. The news I'm looking at CNN it's all about Marissa I'm looking at, FOX it's all about you know the endorsements. In the upcoming elections I'm looking at I looked earlier, this morning editor ABC and NBC CBS local news. Report not a word about what's happening in Afghanistan we have troops on the ground all over the world and nobody thinks it's a good story to cover To. Me not about not a word I have seen not, a word on any so-called news station about this Does it make. You angry it makes me angry what am I supposed to go to get my news well I go online I look at new sources from all around the world so that I have some clue as to what's really. Happening because otherwise you would, think the only thing happening is some, disgruntled ex employees like Peter. Struck and Omarosa they're controlling the news cycle how great your says that Russian collusion I mean those are stories nobody's. Going to deny those stories, but there's other things happening We we've got a smugglers coming in through southeastern and southwestern borders from all over, the world now and that was made quite, clear to me yesterday when I spoke with the debt then some from, the center for immigration studies you now, have guys. With Pakistani, and Mexican or. Pack Danny and Brazilian dual citizenship, smuggling people in from Yemen And and I, don't see any mention of that anywhere on, the cable news networks twenty four hours they have to deliver news but, the only news they care about is Russian collusion And which state, turns, red, green, yellow blue It's frustrating for. Someone like me because I'm doing the analysis. We don't need them to do the analysis, we need them to provide us. With information but they don't, wanna, do, that I just don't That new defense Bill that the. President signed yesterday I'll bet Out of out of hundreds of people listening to this program, right now I'll bet there aren't twenty of you who have a clue what's. In it And I'm not faulting, you because where would you find out if all you see is morose a- All you see who did Trump endorsed? In that race, and, and what was, Peter Struck doing and how much money do you, collect on go fund me look these are stories but there are other. Things happening in the world and I can't get a new source that will deliver the news anymore They all want to, do what I'm doing you know it's funny for for decades they told me I wasn't real news for decades they said oh you talk? Radio people you, don't, know what you're, talking about you don't know the real facts you just talked to you know you just say whatever you feel like saying They, were all, full of how they were giving the news Apparently. They envied me because now they're doing commentary there's no news I. Haven't seen a straight up news report maybe once a day I see a, straight up news report and and it's and it's still jaded Whether. It's FOX that. Leads sitter right or it's MSNBC that leans to the left I. Really don't care what all these people think I'd like to know what's happening Somebody. Give me some details how many militant groups are. Seventy five miles south of Kabul And admitted. You guys are honest if nothing else you had no idea No I did this was. Going on and it's not your fault It's it's it's the, fault of. The, fourth estate who now sits around pounding. Their chest said bleeding oh we have no freedom of speech. Visit, this president. Tried to take away the freedom of the press The press and stop trying to be radio talk. Show host stop trying to be you know hosts of of. The Jerry Springer show that's what, the news looks, like to me now I remember when it was Maury Povich and Jerry, Springer and they would they would be the. Ones covering all. Moreau and, stormy Daniels now it's guys like Chris Cuomo but you know it's people who, pretend that. They'll, legitimate news sources and they're obsessed look. At least my son admits what he is it's gossip channel TMZ tells you where Justin. Bieber's you know Tearstained underwear is that that's what they do but for these other networks that pretend they're giving. You the news and you don't know anything. I don't know anything by listening to them I can't. Tell you however that Omarosa has has tapes I can tell you that stormy Daniels lawyer. Michael avenue, Eddie is, considering a run for the presidency I mean you know. Like. That's news like anybody cares, like that's gonna change anything They're obsessed with destroying This president and it's just it's vile gotten to the point where they won't even cover real news because it's just not. Salacious enough for them they get, all their, pennies getting you know not if they have. To. Cover, straight new sorry oh we don't really want to go out there to the Ford and actually talk about the, national defense authorization Bill how boring we'd much rather talk about. Moroshima could help embarrassing it must be To tell your family you know come home, and tell your kids yes that is a news anchor yeah. Mommy's news anchor Would you talk about on? The, news today mommy I was talking about? The A stripper who who claims that the. President had sex with her Golly Frustrating for my. Perspective, look I do what I. Do But I. Never, pretended to do anything other And I'll tell you something right now Forty percent of. My program is straight up news now 'cause somebody's got to tell you the news and so I'm forced to do news, in the middle of a talk show Because otherwise you know my opinion of Chelsea. Clinton Omarosa it all took twenty five minutes as done with all the personalities now I wanna talk about the real stuff Unfortunately I'm talking to an audience who knows more about stormy Daniels and Omarosa than. They know about the Taliban or radical Islam Pretty scary be careful they got you're looking..

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