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Radio falls straight to d._v._d. Disney strikes d._v._d. Shows and this is coming out as okay how wonderful it's on d._v._d. I've got eleven of them. Is that in total just today today just tonight. That's the twenty three. You need to have to be honest. D._v._d.'s de the name of the show is tom. Talk goes straight to d._c.'s juice a d._v._d. It's a bit of a stupid the idea although at the from two thousand and offered an recorded last gsi top talkers dot com strang strange security yeah so the show you watched all fifty for more than fifty four now straight to denote the business model star because the d._v._d.'s yeah <hes> yeah so they didn't make anymore so fifty four. I think remains say i've always every all fifty four disney straight to d._v._d. Movies so that you don't have to the basically the wealth sequels to aladdin and the lion king and things like that. I want to pretend you are and then tell me conceives yeah. Have you seen bright. I've not seen. I don't think i've seen any straight to d._v._d. Lend on blu ray the empire magazines. That's what gave me the idea for watching all of these children's film watching little mermaid two and three back to back for why did you do that. It would make children. Someone gave an exco ex-girlfriend. The trilogy box set the first one good carry on next one good good film but we started so threes really threes all right to skip to have have you.

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