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The idea of using the military's budget to pay for a border wall with mexico the president has raised the idea of using pentagon money for his proposed border wall on social media and in a meeting with house speaker paul ryan here at the white house press secretary sarah sanders offered no details i can't get into the specifics of that at this point but i can't tell you that the continuation of building the wall is ongoing government agencies have limited a thirty to reprogram their budget funding without congressional approval greg clugston the white house caesar travel times for facebook facebook stock dropped thirteen and a half percent yesterday after allegations that cambridge analytica political consulting firm working for the trump campaign got data inappropriately from millions of facebook users now the federal trade commission says it's investigating the social media giant's privacy practices plus lawmakers in washington and attorneys general for thirty seven us states and territories are demanding answers in calling for inqu queries and officials across europe have also been raising questions matt small washington speaker paul ryan has gone denying rumors that he's about to resign spokeswoman for ryan issued a statement saying the speaker is not resigning after rumors started circulating again this week that he was ready to step down nevada republican mark amodio told a local tv station that the rumor mill in washington was that ryan would step down in the next thirty to sixty days that he's likely to be replaced by louisiana steve scalise speculation about ryan's futures been circulating for months for the record ryan has said he'll make a decision about reelection later this spring capitol hill correspondent wally is japan's prime minister has reiterated that any talks with north korea must end its nuclear weapons program following an unexpected meeting this week between the leaders of north korea and china prime minister obey told a parliamentary committee wednesday that japan has great interest in what happened in hopes to receive an explanation from china this is townhall.

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