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WTOP News. I It's can do WTOP News. And yet to cheers from loved ones like Babak Namazi, whose brother Siamak Namazi was held in Iran for eight years. Finally, we're together and it's just completely unbelievable and we're grateful for this moment. Mazi, a businessman along with venture capitalist Imad Sargi and conservationist Morad Tabas were held on spying charges which the U .S. government denies. Two other Americans were released but wanted their names withheld. In the deal, President Biden released five Iranians along with unfreezing six billion in oil assets, a move criticized by some hawker. Sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by Maximus moving people and technology forward. Hey, George Wallace. What's going on with the NFC? Well, here's some numbers for you. So the NFC has, did you know the NFC has seven teams that are 2 and 0? Okay, Washington, San Francisco, Dallas, Eagles, Saints, Bucks and Falcons. First time in NFL history, seven teams in a conference starting 2 and 0 in the same season. No kidding. You would think that's not that big of a thing to start 2 and 0? No, but you're right. And apparently, you know, there were a lot of cross -conference games. True. And I think the NFC is dominated in this, right? And there are more undefeated teams in the NFC East, three of them, than there are in the entire right AFC now. So is the NFC back after two games? It's hard to say. Yeah. It's still too early. Yeah. But we just like talking about it. No. She says no. No. From the AFC person over here. Yeah. The commanders have the day off. They'll be back to work tomorrow. Bill's come to town on Sunday. Washington looking for 3 a 3 -0 start for the first time since 2005. That was Joe Gibbs 2 .0. Team went on to win a playoff game that year as the Bills and commanders kick off one o 'clock. Nick Chubb's season is over. Drone 4 will take now over as running back after that gruesome leg injury last night and the Browns lost to the Steelers. Nationals continue their series with the White Sox tonight. Jackson Rutledge will pitch for Washington Orioles and Houston again from Houston this evening as well. George Wallace, WTOB Sports. Volodymyr Zelensky speaks to the United Nations General Assembly. The story ahead 256. The future of sustainable low -carbon aviation starts in America's heartland. Mark my words, in the next 20 years,

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