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Interesting decision to throw it to Derrick Henry there. That's not really his forte out in space and expect to make guys miss Lewis running the same type of route to the other side. You would have thought if you had a choice flip it to the little guy who so good space. It's called second down and nine from the fortieth Tennessee with an eye formation sharpen motion hand off the Lewis run up the middle over the center and stop before he got to the line of scrimmage and thrown for a loss of the yard and a half back to the Tennessee thirty eight actor, basically, their original line of scrimmage. We have no score clock is ticking with eight fifty to play here in the first those are back to back. Confusing. First Derrick Henry on a swing route out in space. And then you decide you want to run down here between the tackles with a fullback. You're there. You have it to Dion Lewis to me. You wanna just flip that throw the ball? Lewis wrote down here with Derek Edmunds. In the gun flanked by Louis. She's got four wides third down in jammed from thirty eight of Tennessee. Mario looks at a four man front by the Cowboys. They come charging on the snappy five from behind. It's wrong to the twenty five twenty yard line thirteen covered by Dallas. Sean. Linebacker got him after the hit by Tyrone Crawford with heavy pressure on Marcus mariota. Cowboys get the games first big break. Terrific defense. I in ten at the Tennessee fifteen. And that's that big beast tank lords he can get after the quarterback right there. He took the speed released to the outside Marcus mariota trying to step up just as he was bringing the ball up to make a pro down the field. Number ninety reached out that big Paul and slapped it out of his hand. And as you said it was rolling rolling rolling. And finally, the blue jerseys were able to cover it up. That Prescott breaks Italy's at the fifteen at Tennessee. He's got a first. And Jan he's got an empty backfield. Is he backpedals in the shotgun? He's got five points out his protections with his cadence in a first and ten from the titan. Fifteen shotgun. Snap line bright. Go by psychot- Elliott on the sideline over his shoulder. At the ten got a couple of yards down to the eight yard line of.

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