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Right. The right things you show. He's a look back. But it's you have to look at the right things. Dowden. Cook is a really interesting play this week, Mike because for actors one people are still a little bit nervous. Right. I mean, he has been injured quite a bit this year. He's missed several. Games. He came back before the by and had that wonderful seventy plus yard run and looked great with fourteen fantasy points, which is somebody who rostered him and was waiting all that time to get them back. I was thrilled with them. But we don't know that he's one hundred percent. We think he's close to it. But latavius Murray may not go away and the players who have allowed. I believe the fewest points to opposing running backs and fantasy football this season. I'm sorry there top four but still up until last week. I think they were like right there closer to number one. Like beside. You know, the the lions went crazy last week against them. But like, it's been a stout defence. What I should say. Yeah. No doubt. And. Yeah. Just to touch on that six out of the nine running backs unit said if face the bears to finish twentieth. They're worse. But the three exceptions to that have come during their past five weeks or during the past five weeks. So yeah, they've fallen off a little bit. Maybe that's good news for Alvin cook. But I mean, let's talk a little bit more about his usage. I mean, first of all, yeah, he played and played a lot in that last game. He's had a buy week. We would hope that his playing time would just increase or at least stay the same. But if you kind of dive into a little bit he's averaging fifteen point zero carries in three point seven five targets per game in eight career games and feel he left two of them injured two of the eighty left injured, and he was limited to twenty-five snaps in his last game. He's still at almost twenty looks a game despite you know, it's yeah, it's a small sample. But when he's out there they use him a ton last game. Ten carries four targets on those twenty five snaps. They can't help themselves. If he's active there like we need him on the field. We're gonna give them a lot of work. And I know a lot of his production last game came on that one run. But that's what he does. He's an explosive playmaker. He's going to deliver some plays like that. So I'm a big fan in his role as a pass catcher should just angry I increase going forward. So by the way, I could have read the stat Kyle had that stat that is looked up right here on the sheet. Look a little bit of diligence on my part would have had the fourth fewest running back points per game allowed. That's a false start on my end right there. But we just to put a bow on where we haven't ranked. We haven't fifteenth and sixteenth respectively. This was actually a weird week Mike because as much as there are there are sixteen on a by which makes you think like it's going to be difficult to find good options. I actually felt like the fan of like one to twenty for running backs was pretty strong this week relative to some recent weeks that we have had that's because of the sixteen on a by. I mean, the jets the bills they have been also relevant. The dolphins have been less fantasy relevant. It's just been a little bit more. So it's it's if you were to pick sixteen to be on a by this might not be bad six to collect here for those sixteen in total. Devin, cook ranked fifteenth interesting players this week. I hope it gets back on track. Because I certainly I am desperate in the war room leak. I will take any points that can be handed my way in the war room lead. You know, the fantasy focus football podcast is presented by ZipRecruiter. Our good friends ZipRecruiter. And picking your.

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