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To live from here we broadcast from Tanglewood in Lenox Massachusetts all right all right honey I'll do it now a clean out the refrigerator is always so hard into the door doesn't shut all the way but I hate throwing anything away horrible good byes let's see all right restaurant leftovers well known not to me sorry friends last one in first one out but we had such a great time the children's local could we not that fun like that again hello this is hard for me to but honestly I knew this day was coming as soon as the waiter said do you want that wrapped up it's like saying why don't you carry this home and throw it out there but please I was so good and you really where but at the restaurant at home there's too many other meals gotten away we just ran out of room trust me you'll be better off you don't want to spend the rest of your days competing with Ben and Jerry's I get it I don't like it but again it's a take care of yourself you too hi let's see let's see seven eights of a court of butter cream I knew this was coming can I just hang out in the back a little longer I promise I won't get in the way I'm sorry about your back in December for Christmas recipe the need to just a splash of buttercream really rocks that gingerbread house did you really did the first time we saw each other from across the aisle at the grocery store you were disappointed at first that I was the smallest size they had but then I saw your gears started turning you started seeing my potential and all kinds of new exciting recipes I know I had so many plans for us I was gonna try those panties from The New York Times cooking at the takes three days.

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