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Like people have a most amazing stories. And so that's why Anchorage like the second I start talking to people in, they're like, oh, I don't know the story. Oh, except the one time I found out that Ted Nugent actually, my dad is like, okay. Which is also an episode it's called, I didn't know I was Nugent. Yeah, thank you. So I just love hearing and they don't have to be funny. I, I like, you know, I have really rough episode recently. This woman has this autistic brother who ended up going to jail for something and they put them in solitary confinement than he's autistic and it's like, how do you hell the prison system just treats people? So stories like that? I think really important to here, and then there's some good old fashioned, funny sex stories. So you know some fervor one, maybe we'll maybe we'll see what it's like on the other side. You're going to be a guest on the next episode. Tell the bartender yesterday, thinking to those stories. All right. I'm ready now have a few. I think it's a think it's interesting how the the storytelling element always comes up around any sort of, you know, mind, altering substance, whether it be alcohol or whether it be drugs, recreational drugs, and drug procurement of buddy of mine had this theory for long. Time that drug sellers have done more to bring disparate people together, that would have never come into contact with each other than probably anyone because you know, everybody needs a guy and everybody loves to have a bartender that you know, that's my bartender and everybody loves the crush on the bartender. Let's be real. Y'all. We'll to connect the dots a little bit between bartending drugs and stuff. Two questions or thoughts having right one, you, you sell drugs, your bartender. You're selling drugs all day every night anymore. But yes. Any bartender though? Yeah, just want to throw that out there for folks. Remember alcohol's a drug second. I mean, we can really get into that, but I've always thought it's kind of interesting when I travel. And when when folks travel, I think they often rely on bartenders as seeking out we'd or other drugs. Well, I just think they're like a safe bet for either. You know, you can't just walk in and be like, hey, can I have a shot of beer and your contact for blow. That happened. What I've had is I've been tipped in his she's, which is lovely. What I do for airplanes is I just go to my doctor and say, Xanax, please never been asked while bartending, hey, you know, we're can get some weed or like how do you score drugs? Very funny. You should mention this actually because we, we had a problem in our bar that we had some people dealing coke, but this guy was so he wasn't the brightest. So not only did he sell coke in our bar, but he said he set up like a, you know, when like Lucy and peanuts had this psychiatry, is that the one Lucy with five cents or whoever? Literally a little younger, it was like a booth. He literally sent a booth with cocaine on the taking and like a jar and like Tim, like I was like, hey, buddy as like, we totally understand that you're running a business here that's very illegal but could not do it like right here. And he's all I'm so sorry. I decided easier and I'm like, it. He didn't know that's legal dope on the table. We never asked for that, but we were Asper who do we know that sells drugs. That's what I people tourists. Well, I wanted to. I wanted to mention something of it might be of interest to you. Something that we have been working on a lot. You know, we've been working around the marijuana Justice Act, which is a federal Bill that would not only legalize marijuana on the federal level, but it would also go a step further. Repairing the harms caused by the war on drugs, and the Bill is sponsored by one of your favorite people. I understand which is Senator Cory Booker. And. Just picked up a co-sponsor in Senator Bernie Sanders. So this thing is picking up steam. First of all, tell me about your reaction to such Bill in the in the possibility of marijuana be legal in the federal level, but the fact that Cory Booker is behind this been listening to create Bucker talk about this for a long time because I listen to crave Booker, talked about anything. He get podcast of bedtime stories, and I would subscribe for a high. We met once I two, I was the one the women's March. He said, I'm vegan to get a photo and you did. It was really nice. I rarely swiped it'd be car because I don't wanna be weird about it, but I think it's an amazing idea. I think especially now that we have John the the stone or banner behind all these things now, which by the way, what the fuck is up with that. What happened there? The twilight zone found us. I, I mean, yeah, it's so just as one second on it, it is so fucked up. Somebody who literally had spent a career opposing this from politic such powerful position speaker of the house. I mean, the meta people in jail, they the amount of sick people who are denied their medicine. I mean, we talked so endlessly about this end for him to now just be making money at one of the biggest firms doing and yeah, I vault. He, he likes money too. I mean, it was so fucked up. And I guess I'll just say, if you can do something helpful and convince somebody Republican colleagues at least have something come out of it, let not all the years go by in vain. But yes, I'm back to the play offs about Cory Booker talks about and what a lot of people are talking about is the fact that all these cool white yoga moms and people are opening up these stores. Whereas if we're really going. To have this conversation. We have got to not only let everyone out of jail who's been in there for the smallest crime, but give them money to open up a weed store because here's my experience I was in. I think it was Oregon, right when I became legal and I went into one of those stores and no Seattle and I don't do pot anymore because it's way too strong because back in college, it was turns out really wasn't bought. It was like oregano tobacco, but I went into the store and they're always really cool hip way kids. And I said, I need something very, very, like an edible. That's like the lightest that you got an Scott. I got the best thing for you. I was tripping balls for twenty four hours. So I want the person who knows everything about drugs who's been in prison. I want that guy to run a store because you know that person knows more about drugs than these kids do. So not only do we need to get people out of jail immediately, but we need to give them all money to either start there and business or start their lives again because this is this is horrific. And I'm really glad people are finally. Talking about it. Tommy will. Yeah. I mean, I wish we could get our approach together because look, this

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