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The proposition podcast chris ancarlo kfi news president trump is finally commented on the cancellation of the tv show roseanne because of a racist tweet by its star roseanne barr trump's tweet did not address bars tweet trump only asked why bob iger the ceo of disney abc's parent company didn't call him to apologize for what trump called horrible statements made about him on abc white house spokeswoman sarah huckabee sanders is trump's tweet was pointing out media bias where was bob apology to the white house staffer djamil hill calling the president and anyone associated with him a white supremacist to christians around the world for joy bear coin christianity a mental illness bar partially blames ambien for her toxic tweet traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center crash on the ten in downtown eastside central those motorcycle wreck blocking the left lane looks like they cut that up to the shoulder overall delays or pretty heavy out of santa monica from sentinela westbound side's going to slow down from about crenshaw to overland getting into norwalk another crash cleared from lane six five southbound side of rosecrans but you're still seeing delays overall out of santa fe springs from washington of the four or five is going to be heavy through long beach from long beach boulevard to the seven ten of a head more delays in between latino hera and just about more holland's side slows down from valley vista getty center and then again from santa monica boulevard over to howard hughes parkway and still a mess trying to get out of his ferry of course they had that earlier crash in the past fifteen past okay lanes have been reopened but the drive is still a struggle from bear valley.

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