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These are the daily tech headlines for wednesday may thirtieth twenty eighteen i'm tom merritt plex released a redesign of its android and apps adding beta support for podcasts and more personalization options you can remove default categories now from the home screen and add new categories like ondeck and continue watching which can pick up from where you left off on other devices there are now tabs on the bottom for movies shows podcasts and more hp announced an update to the hp omon fifteen laptop with reduced bethel's eighth gen intel quad and hex core processors up to thirty two gigabytes of ram and support for invidious gt x ten seventy with max q graphics it can support four k gaming at sixty hertz h b also announced the one hundred seventy nine dollar optical sequencer keyboard it's a mechanical optical keyboard the seventy nine dollar gaming reactor mouse and the mind frame headset gaming headset with internal cooling technology yeoman fifteen arrives july twenty ninth starting at nine hundred seventy nine dollars google announced that it's project five phone service will now work with the lg seven thank you l jv thirty five thank you and moto g six previously the sim card from project fi only had full operation with pixel phones or the moto x four oculus launched the venues platform for oculus go and samsung gear.

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