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Late sent it made sense yes it would be very wrong for us to attempt to indict a police officer i'm just because the public wants one or the media what's one and for you mentioned re and curious about you what would i say we i always say we it talking about the office and we had a number of people weighing in i had three chief deputies and and myself ultimately you know i am responsible if anything goes wrong i'm the one that that he be held account of all not long after the investigative grand juries were exposed a district judge went to carry and said you can't do this anymore you don't have a legal authority to use our grand juries in this fashion and ultimately the practice was stopped by now all eyes run albuquerque the department of justice was in town investigating the police department for use of excessive force me and for months carry sat on a backlog of police shooting cases as your office scrambled to come up with the better practice for holding police officers accountable there was a fair amount of outrage among a growing group of family members of of people who had been shot by the police and others in the community who went regularly to city council meetings and there would be you know thirty forty fifty sixty people in a row oh sidat for public comment all basically saying the same thing something needs to change with our police department but i would say that it really exploded after the release of the video recording of two officers shooting a homeless were named james boy the police shooting of james buoyed set off a series of events that would leave noone untouched including carry brandenburg on a sunny day in march of 2014 james boy with campion up in the foothills of east albuquerque a neighbor called the police to report that james buoyed without there illegally maki noise and threatening a dog to officers showed up are we going would come out bubble could you um they abandoned the effort to try to reason with mr buoyed homeless deeply mentally ill man who had two small pocket knives with them welcome tonight robert knepper might not what the night and ultimately about twenty officers showed.

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