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This isn't about her cake this has never been about a game in this isn't about wedding there has never been about wedding no this is about freedom freedom for lgbt people to lift full lives in public and not in constant fear that they will be denied basic service in businesses fired from their jobs or wound their homes just for who they are when people live in a world where they can legally be turned away the field projected date ill unsafe big he'll they've h don't belong in our society simply for being born different that unless society chooses to embrace their rights some of them will simply choose to remain hidden cut off from the world in who big really arm to this day charlie in eyes experienced a masterpiece trump is a persistent memory the memory of the mortification in humiliation doesn't just go away it's all we've there the next time we walk into a business wondering went through the same thing will happen maybe we should just we are ince in orient mary just be safe in the next time someone harasses you on the street a little bit of you wonder if maybe you deserve at with more on today's oral arguments inside the supreme court were joined on the phone with adam lift tech of the new york times he was inside the court and must begin with the argument put forth by charlie craig david mullins what was your claim of discrimination they were getting married water to get a wedding paid for their reception go to a business open to the public and were turned away by project phillips who uh who says he couldn't create a cake for them because he objected to samesex weddings on religious grounds the couple say that violates fundamental principles of equality and more specifically a colorado and discrimination law that forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation so they say if you open your doors republican you're selling your goods in wears and.

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