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What research did you do to prepare for the trip? Why did Bonnie and Clyde wants to be anonymous? Who a three parter. Okay so I would say. The strangest thing was just being somewhere that appeared to be like a cute little place and just knowing that something sinister was happening. He know just going around to all the places where things happened. That was just an odd feeling. I would say where Laurie Melanie and Alex lived. Like that complex was probably the creepiest place just knowing that that was the last place. Jj was seen that was kinda heavy. Yeah but also was very interesting. You know like it was good for me to physically be there because the night really understood where everyone was so when I listened to let say Melanie you know when she's discussing. I didn't know anything that's happening. That has to be alive. You were feet literally away from where Lorie young you know and then Alex even though his apartment number was so it seemed like it would have been far away it was literally just the next little cluster of buildings so it was. You could be at each other's doors within like a minute or less than a minute. I would say But her melanie. Laurie lived literally next door feet away and her just saying that they were doing their own thing and she was out of the loop and it wasn't weird that she never saw. The kids is a big lie. I mean anyone that lives in any sort of place where you have neighbors. You notice little things. I know my neighbor next door is doing work on their house. Not that I really talked to them or anything but I see the cars. Come up when you know when. I go get the mail or whatever. You have noticed things so melanie. That's another reason why I think she's a liar Being there helped me to understand how close that was helpless. Jj School was How far the storage facility? What's from Chats House? So we went everywhere as far as research today. Did I researched places to go and visit so I looked up as many addresses could My goal was to visit everything At least once just to understand it a bit more. I may charge up to date with all the information as well as a lot of the theories that I could find. So there's so many theories out there You know where the bodies could be. If they are dead to wear Chattan Lori would meet up. Just weird theories and I will say the one that I didn't get to explore more was yellowstone We did have a trip planned to yellowstone because there are a lot of theories for places on the way up and down from yellowstone but a snowstorm came that tae and we were afraid of getting trapped so unfortunately we didn't get to see that now as far as Bonnie and Clyde they were super sweet and I totally understand why they wanted to be anonymous and it was because they told us a couple of things that happened at Church. So if you were call that episode About Bonnie and Clyde they had told me about a meeting or a class where Chad's brother was a semi schoolteacher and he discussed his brother's actions and choices and basically..

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