Trump, Sarah Sanders and Advisor discussed on Howie Carr


Controversy i'm tim weisburg wb sm new seventy three degrees under sunny skies your abc six forecast coming up the white house is clarifying president trump's comment about the roseanne barr controversy and a briefing today press secretary sarah sanders said no one is defending what bar said about a former advisor to president obama but sanders insists that trump's tweet seeing abc owes him and apology for making horrible statements about him is completely justified it's not often that white house press secretary show their emotions however it happened today when a young student told sanders the many children don't feel safe because of school shootings sanders voice broke as she acknowledged at school shootings are terrifying but she told the young boy the trump administration is doing everything in its power to make school safer and president trump is hinting at major news about drug prices speaking at the white house today trump said there will be an announcement about some voluntary massive drops and prescription drug prices and a couple of weeks he made.

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