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The first label throwing out the first pitch have to say this was rather impressive on the baseball show, right? There's your first on ESPN 1000 so if we go back to last night Over yesterday, really? In the afternoons a day game, the Chicago White Sox. The seventh inning rally for the socks is they come back to beat the twins? Let's take a look back at what took place yesterday as the socks get into the playoffs. You on the ground left hand side. This ball game is tied a break you another to strike R B I. There's anybody in that room that I'm really, really happy for. In particular. He doesn't represent the White Sox. The best way that I possibly represent the White Sox take the lead. Sanchez scores Boys got a surprise for Sergio 43 7th inning runs. This club is deadly for the seventh inning. That was really special, and I just let it go. It's really, you know, first pitch swing in the air Louise Robert next catch, and in a year when so many of us have had to be apart. We all will journey together into October with the White Sox for the first time in 12 years. Socks aren't going to the playoffs in emotional day. I think the other way around for everybody because it's been a lot of hard work, but we are taking a tremendous amount of joint where we're at, but we're not done yet. Now there's a division to win. The socks have a tiebreaker over Minnesota and a three game lead. With 10 games to play Wonder Gold Steps alone now makes what what else do the white socks are going to the playoffs? You will watch October baseball this year. America's.

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