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Beginning. It's a perfect day for NFL football here in the Great state of Louisiana, and for the first time ever, the Nickelodeon blimp is flying high above the Mercedes Benz Superdome for the NFL wild card matchup of the Chicago Bears and the hometown. New Orleans Saints, huge NFC showdown with intense interest on land and under the sea. Oh, boy, I can't wait to watch football. What is football Sports book? I have no idea what Sandy sure seems excited. Maybe she can explain it. Let's retire. Forever. Well, Sandy, six is fired up and ready to go SpongeBob Patrick, you can sit back, Relax and just have fun at the Krusty Krab because it's time for the NFL. Right here on Nickelodeon. Hello and welcome to the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans Saints and bears just ahead on no eagle all the way four yards to my right. That's 11 year NFL vet. He's a 10 time backyard, double their champion. He is a star that shines bright. As chip sky large teeth that his neighbor listen over there, and he's dressed to the nines per usual and right in the middle of the two of us. You know her from unfiltered, You know her from all that the main stay here on this channel, Gabrielle, innovative, Green and Gabby. No way could go on and on And when.

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