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So we we unfortunately can't play the audio because it is an actual song. We'll try to get her to do these sorts of promotional dances to public use music in the future. But there you're seeing this is back in twenty ten I believe, or at least it was posted by in two thousand ten right? It's they're doing the breakfast club dance and having fun and enjoying youth. How dare so they must be destroyed dare she? This was spread by a Twitter account called to give you an idea of how serious person is politically anonymous q. Lots of credibility. There got the Q. They're probably random cue doesn't have anything to do with anything saying when these spread this here is America's favorite Kami. No, it all acting like the clueless knit, which she is. The response was such that that person deleted their Twitter. And as I pointed out on the day before this morning, it takes a lot to shame. A Q believer on their beliefs enough that they flee the internet, by the way to know nothing from high school it was from college. Yeah. Boston University right there on the right? And she was the only one doing it. She didn't do it. Now, she did in college. So the accusation. And so it's not just one guy. Then of course, the right wing went all in and they're all. Oh. She's when this clearly not allowed. Okay. What does this footloose? They're like the point. He's become like the Bill. Anderson footloose do not let anyone dance by the way the other country that does not allow dancing. I believe I'm not positive is Saudi Arabia. Well, I mean, they strike me as the religious police right going around making sure that people have their beards making sure that people don't have any fun. I mean, isn't that very similar a similar take on a super innocent video of a college student dancing are we along dancing in America. Now. Land of the free guys. Look this actually fits in comedic -ly into a trend in their attempts to take down, you know, I would say whether you like their policies. They're not charismatic politician. So this is what they have on ABC with Beto they pointed out that he skateboards, and he was in a rock band and with Obama back in the day. They had that photo of him smoking. What might have been marijuana might have just been a cigarette that's cooler than a photo of ever been in my life. And they think these are how they destroyed people by making them super relatable into tractive. But really, I mean who aren't you guys? I mean, you think they she when she was in college. She should not have danced. I mean when Donald Trump got out of college. He ran out of Vietnam a fake, doctor's note and let other kids die for. That's okay. That's okay. But but did you ever dance? I mean, what kind of weirdos are they I mean, if you tried to find a way to turn off the American people more you couldn't do it. So thank you. No. But because the level beneath that is like they don't understand voters just at all. Because voters clearly don't dance. Detach them from from Alexander. Then then then you somehow, I don't know get your person back in congress. It's weird. So I just I feel like there are certain politicians who can't win regardless of how they act what they do what their past is when I say certain politicians, I mostly mean women. Okay, women if they're if they present themselves as too serious, they you know, they don't go out of their way to have fun or if they do have fun. They try try to conceal it. They're considered. Oh, she's she's too stern. She seems like a bitch. Like, you you hear that over and over again. I mean, look, Hillary Clinton was a very flawed politician. I had lots of issues with her on a policy standpoint. But a lot of the criticism that she got had to do with the fact that she seemed like she wouldn't let loose. She seemed like she was to, you know, buttoned up or whatever. Whereas with ANC she's young she made history as an. Credibly young woman who got voted into congress, and she was in college not too long ago as a result of that. And so, yeah, she dance video it's not that big of a deal..

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