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Ncaa tournament college basketball moment ever was kentucky st bonaventure five twelve game in cleveland and of regulation bonny's up three they don't fall and during a screen on the baseline and teychenne gets an open corner three to tie and i just said as soon as he caught the ball i said we feel that i know heads going in double overtime in high we lost i still see taste sean my worst moment ever but you're right he got to you guys think of like he you know a player like that give us a we gotta picking the 20s w what are we going to get their welton they go what prince means to that franchises in so many ways you rich he he was that it was always healing and a guy kentucky like it's always amazed me dream on green he what he was the big ten player of the year he wasn't at murray state he wasn't and that's what it's always fascinating botica's these are guys everyone scouted a lot they seen him they're always michigan state games can tugging games and these were winning players with lots of production but they don't fit there's something where they don't fit a prototype and they drop and the you look at both those guys ugo those are just two guys everybody over thought an grind the this there's no question about it and you know when the and i've seen the chains dermot time league when i started back in two thousand uh that was right before the way will high school gaza really start coming out in in in than we went from the high school to the one in dawn's for the very beginning we will drafting in two thousand it was the three of four year guys the the experience guys and they were the guts of the people to get drafted a little bit higher but then i think the it it all changed when when the young big guys a group with tyson chandler eddie curry and all those big guys came out in people started the i think the thought iran elite was okay'd the guy may not be ready right now but before we came pass up.

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