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Fail again, we're going to bail them out again, essentially. I do not know. I'm not privy to that fact. I'm not totally sure if it's the same piece of lenses or legislation or not, but it all happened around the same time. I do. Can you tell me what it is? What it's called one more time. I'll look it up. This right here. But would I be searching to see if that if it said that we'll build them out again? Look up Dodd Frank. Don Frank. How you feeling Frank? Okay, the Dodd, Frank act summary. Here we go. Yeah, sure. Yeah, you keep going. And next up here, drop the veteran homeless rate by 50%. Wire. No other homeless, you didn't do anything for any other homeless anywhere else. Just veterans and even that is paltry. Considering having those numbers to the skyrocketed back up anyway. Yeah. Like Arthur more homeless veterans now than ever. I think so. I think so. And aren't 22 a day committing suicide? I think so. I think so, yeah. Yeah, this is not a thing. This is nothing burger already. Next up, oh, this is a good one. Reversed. Reversed. Bush era torture policies. No, he fucking dinged. Bush era torture policies and expanded Bush era torture policies. Don't you remember him saying we tortured some folks? You're a fucking idiot forever having the goal to type that out. Whoever the hell you are. I didn't take your name down. You're not important enough just based on this list of things. Okay. But seriously, you can not say something like that. You can not say that he reversed torture. No, he didn't. There was a public outcry about it, and they had to stop. And they haven't stopped. Remember, he kept saying he was going to close Guantanamo Bay? Yet, it's still open. Do this day. It sure is. So don't bring that shit here. Apparently, so everything that I'm reading about this, I guess it really, I guess it's spells out really concisely that if a. If a firm basically breaks any of these rules from this Dodd Frank from the Dodd Frank act, and they can prove that they did, they won't be eligible to receive a bailout from the government. However, if they can't prove that they were irresponsible with their funds and through. Essentially risking investing and other kind of dubious ways of making money that this firm goes bankrupt and that's going to cause and they can prove that they did so out of doing shady business, then they won't get a bailout. But if they can do it in a way like, let's say, buying up tons of properties, renovating them and then renting them as single home or predatory loans. Right. Which still exists, even though they're not supposed to because this law was supposed to stop shit like that from happening. Right, but you can't prove stuff when they're all in bed together. Right, right. That's how it works. The one thing it seems like this kind of does, which also just makes it more complicated, but it's just like, this looks like a face kind of thing to me. It's the Volcker Volcker rule. Basically makes it so like banks can't sponsor invest or own proprietary trading through hedge funds. Basically, so it just makes it so like you can't have a bank and run a hedge fund at the same time. Like you can't put money into a hedge fund. So you split up your partnership. So you fire a couple of people. They go over there and you have their business anyways. And so it doesn't matter. All of these are all surface who just like. Weren't going to look any deeper. This is all surface level bullshit that doesn't actually regulate a goddamn thing. No. From what I see what happens when your whole cabinet is picked by a Citibank email. Right. You are already beholden to these banks. That you're not regulating 14 years later and they just figure out how to play the game better. That's it. That's all that they did. They gave them a structure. How to play better. Until GameStop. Yeah. Until GameStop. Next up, $6 and 75 cents for your firm. That's what you saw would offer. Yeah. That's for sure. For sure. See, you got three hedge funds, two banks, and a private investing firm, $4 hard offer. Last one. We can't do better. The multi-billion dollar company, what are you talking about? Yeah, well, we're getting started. We're worth $7. So I want to give you more of our money. Next up here is another good one, I think. I began the process of normalizing relations with Cuba. And I did actually think that this was a good thing. It was long time. I guess that we started talking to Cuba again. And Trump shut that down automatically when he got in. This was one good thing that he definitely was doing for the international community. I thought, trying to bring Cuba back into the sphere. He was like, we could have gotten close to actually ending the embargo on them that's been going on for like 50, 60 years. Yeah. And actually really helping that country rise from the ashes of. What the world did to them. I even had somebody shoot back at me one day. About the embargo, like, oh, well, we're not blocking medicine or food. We're blocking parts for equipment for doctors. If you can't diagnose somebody, you can't prescribe them anything. So it doesn't fucking matter if we're walking the medicine or not. We're blocking the thing that you need to prescribe the medicine. Right. And I mean Fidel Castro wasn't a really a dad dude or anything like that, you know? Did talk to Cubans? I mean, so what's it called? I don't mean not a bad dude in the sense that after he came into power, he did some fucked up things. And I will say that. However, Cuba's government in the way that their country ran before he took over was really, really bad. Yeah, exactly. And he did take part as that revolutionary leader who did step forward and take back their country in that really real way. And because of his ideals, the west refused to work with him. So who the fuck else was he supposed to go to is a burgeoning country in a new leader? The way the way we look at him and it would be like if king George called George Washington like a murderer and a terrorist. Right. Totally. Totally. Of course not realizing the revolution that was actually happening. Right. And I think that I think that he's been villainized a lot, much like che Rivera has been boosted to this level of, oh my God, we got fucking his face on everything, right? When this dude just helped the United States take over his country. Basically all that it came down to, you know? We'd asked him, gave him all the guns and money that he needed. And now he's a socialist hero. But if

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